The Real Story

A truly wonderful account of 'man's best friend' in combat--and post-combat--missions: an inspirational, moving book that explains the extraordinary nature of the relationship between dogs and their military handlers in war and the equally extraordinary nature of the relationships between canine companions and military veterans dealing with the seen and unseen wounds of combat.


“I started reading, and couldn't put it down! Very well written, I felt like I was there at points. And I now have a greater respect for the work” 

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A Masterpiece of Literature

This is an intriguing story, so well written and one can tell from the beginning was written from the heart.


Having served in Phu Cat at same time as author I wish I had known him while there. It was written from the heart and feeling, you can feel his inner emotions. Hard to put down once started. In his blog, sounds like he is continuing with another book and can't wait til I can read that.

Service and Sacrifice

As an ex Air Force K-9 handler I could truly identify with Airman Moore's training, frustration with Duke II and genuine bonding with Junior. His story stirred up many fond memories of my training and time as an AF K-9 handler.

I appreciate that fact that Airman Moore does not try to present himself as some kind of hero; but only as an average 19-year-old American lad that was called upon to do his duty in service to his Country.

For those of us who are old enough to have served during that period, I highly recommend this story for it will put you in remembrance of those things, both good and bad, that you had to deal with during your time of service.

Up Close and Personal Story of an Airman (MP) in Vietnam

A tale of young American Airman and his companions' service in Vietnam. He tells a candid and vivid story about the bonds formed between fellow airmen and their canines. It's also a story of struggles, temptations, and life-changing circumstances that were endured by both the American soldiers and the war-ravaged Vietnamese communities. It will make you ponder the many inhumane and far-reaching consequences of war on civilians, soldiers, and even their canines. There is an underlying message of hope weaved into the story that ultimately propels the main character to carry on despite the grievances he experienced. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you!

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For me, the lives led by the canine handlers - that is the U.S Air Force Sentry Dog Handlers- and their noble canines, continued for twelve months (365 nights). Every day I counted the nights until my very own Freedom Bird arrived to take me home.

My dog Junior would be dead by December 1970- used up and discarded like all broken weapons.

Four thousand noble canine gave all; they gave all. This will never happen again; it must not happen again. It was so wasteful and disrespectful of all animal-kind. German Shepherds were work-horses in Vietnam, and many of them were simply worked to death. Never again!

Jimmie Moore and his wife Virginia live in Florida.





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