To the nine handlers, my friends:
Vinny, Joe, Barry, Russ, Thomas, Mullins, Bolden, Rejba, and me
For you, we live in history, Noble Canine.
To Vietnam handlers, what-ever, where-ever, whom-ever,
Let your spirit rest.
To my canine brothers and sisters, I am sorry.
Never again

Military Working Dogs have played a vital role in the United States armed forces throughout history. This book is a celebration of their contributions to our nation. In Noble Canine author Jimmie Moore profiles these heroic dogs and their handlers in the U.S Air Force. He chronicles their path to service, from puppyhood to training, then through their career in the field and on to retirement and adoption. And he showcases them in vivid, photographs that capture the devotion and respect that these amazing canines, their devoted handlers, and fellow soldiers share for one another.



Jimmie was born 1948 in Starke, Florida. An apt prelude to this book. ( FYI, some may not understand that the year and place of birth set the stage for him to be a draftee.) He benefited from some honorable mentors. He became an Eagle Scout, a drummer in the high school band and with friends formed a popular Rock and Roll band. You can always tell a drummer because they rap their hands to any sound. After high school, knowing his draft number was fast approaching he enlisted in the Air Force. He answered his call to duty at Phu Cat Air Base in Vietnam as a K-9 handler. He served his remaining few years at McGuire Air Base in New Jersey. Shortly before his discharge he met Virginia and married shortly after. He continued to follow his love of drums attending University of Florida. After leaving University of Florida his passion for music took him to Atlanta and California, later returning to Florida. His love of drumming remains today. He has long desired to write of the most significant year of his life.