Hard To Believe - 01/05/2019

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

Hard to believe, but 50 years to the day I arrived by private air-carrier and attractive stewardess in sunning Vietnam.

It was winter time in the USA, the middle of summer in SEA. As I left that ice-cold air-conditioned super troop carrier, I was body slugged by 100+ degrees of sweat drenching heat. I’m from Florida, I thought I new something about heat. This is no lie, by the time I walked into the Cam Ranh Bay terminal building I was soaked. I had 364 days of this heat and god knows what to go. It was so hot that air seemed to be scarce. Looking back 50 years, here’s what we did! We adjusted. Actually, adjusted rather quickly. Had to, you ain’t going no were! The heat was the first life threatening fact of life we logged into in Vietnam.

We landed without incidence. The pilot announced that he had never lost a plane coming or going. We will be descending rapidly so make sure you’re in your seats and buckled up.

As stewardesses made their final buckle up check, from somewhere in the plane came a voice that said, ‘now you will understand what pucker-up means’, something like that. The Captain orders flight attendants to buckle up, the airplane is on its final approach. Inside the plane, a lot of faces had sweat on em’. The unknown is a fearful thing, so yes, I was sweating too. What came next was so unexpected I nearly let go of my bowels. Our plane drops like a rock and it seem to go on and downward for-ever.

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