50 Years Later 03-25-2019

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

There was much suffering because of War in Vietnam.

Steel Crow is what the VC called a BUFF or B-52. SteelCrow Productions will turn "Noble Canine" into a Motion Picture.

We the survivors of that war have fought a private war with silent-nasty death, lurking just below the skin. It waits, twenty, thirty, forty or more years before making itself felt. I've been at war with Agent Orange for the last ten years. During the same ten years, I wrote Noble Canine, and for the first five years I didn't know if I would live to see the book published. I came so close, to being wheelchair-bound. I had several 'standby' writers just in case I couldn't finish.

It took a lot of medication to deal with the most incredible nerve pain, I guess, a body can endure.

It's like having 'fire ants', excavating just below the skin! I lost seventy pounds in three months. At the time, I was grateful for the medication the VA provided, and the price. Ten years later I've been able to get off pain medication by using MedicalHemp! Our Government is at war with a weed. Veterans and especially Vietnam Veterans, are dying because of the military herbicidal warfare programs, spraying deadly toxins on its own troops. Today, these Veterans have no affordable source of MedicalHemp. In Humane! This cannot stand.!?!

There are a million ways to be affected by Agent Orange. And 2,000,000 ways to die. Less than 500,000 Vietnam Veterans are still breathing. Most are sickly and dying. Most live with intense pain, many become suicidal, that's 22 suicides a day, everyday, by men who just grow tired of fighting for a little justice from a government that has killed them. Hoping for mercy for the few survivors. This story never sees the light of day!, Just 22 a day? Big Deal, Its just another Veteran. 'Fuck-it, don't mean a thing, move on!' Is a lie.

Horrified I am.

I'll not set still any longer while the country grows bored with Vietnam Veterans.

2,000,000 dead Airmen, Soldiers, Marines and Sailors, America, this is what your country did to the 'baby-boomer' generation. Just listen?!? Systematic genocide against the sons and daughters of the victories American forces of WWII. Its all about control and the baby-boomer generation had to be controlled. The cream of American Manhood slaughtered in Vietnam, and the survivors to go home and spend the rest of his days rotting from the inside-out. Hollywood feeds the machine with big-screens images, for all the world to see, we Vietnam Veterans are their favorite mascot. We are their walking dead! and They laugh all the way to the bank!

This is just one of many stories, about the Miracle of Medical Hemp.

Final Word:

I have a friend who suffers with Glaucoma a disease with no cure, but effects the eyes and you go blind. Sometimes he can’t afford to buy ‘smoking hemp’, so I make sure I share some of my stash. As a Vietnam Veteran he should be supplied with MedicalHemp by the VA. Hemp Oil is not a cure (so the profession says) for Glaucoma, but slows down the effect and relieves pain. But No, The VA doesn’t care, OK, I get it! But?! not good enough!?


I’ve decided to take matters into my God-given hands and grow enough Hemp to supply all Living Vietnam Veterans with free MedicalHemp.
As production increases, I will include families of Vietnam Veterans. The actual numbers of living Vietnam Veterans are unknown, but small, the process is limited by less than 500,000 souls.

Very old number. We are the few, the remainder of the ‘WalkinG DeaD! but here are the facts:

2 million Vietnam Veterans have died by the brutal hands of Agent Orange. The living are in the worst shape, suffer the worst kinds of pain, most can barely get around on feet, legs and knees due to nerve damaged. They fight daily to survive.

Free MedicalHemp to Veterans, now!

Veterans are beginning to question their status as citizen soldier and the intent of government. Vietnam Veterans question the intent of Veteran organization.

“Who will build the first Memorial to “The Walking Dead”? Go for it!”

just love sarcasm

Sarcasm is only my anger button, I’m safe to have around, wives, children and pets.

Understand this, I’ve put two friends, 2 Vietnam Veterans in the ground, so to speak, from AGENT ORANGE! Both, always had tears in the corners of swollen eyes, from nerve pain, always present, always hurtin’.

Why do I call the walkin’dead, the walking dead, because we rot from the inside-out, in living color, right before your eyes? Can you feel?!

Help me build Hemp Houses, until they cover the New Earth!

You can help by buying a copy of Noble Canine at Amazon. The more books I sell the easier it will become to supply MedicalHemp to all Veterans. It cost about $89.00 for a 2oz. bottle of MedicalHemp Oil, way to expensive. 1 ounce of quality pot goes for $300.00. Way to much! Vets should not have to pay 'out of pocket' for marijuana or MedicalHemp. I am open for suggestions.

My hope is to rattle enough chains and political cages, that the government does the right thing and get's the hell out of the way.

Make MedicalHempProducts available, immediately to Veterans, but especially Vietnam Veterans, who suffer the ravages of government/corporate medical experiments.

While you breathe! STAND WITH ME!!? But stand!!!

My desire to heal cannot be, until I heal myself!

jimmie Noble Canine

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