A Sad Day, Yesterday 02-28-2019

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Kelly Marie Richards died a year ago Yesterday.

A broken-hearted day it was, Yesterday. I stopped by the old homestead to check on a bunch of fishing buddies of hers, they too, knew it had been a-year, eyes watered as we remembered, Yesterday!

Yesterday, I was on a mission. I headed for Winn Dixie, bought a dozen yellow roses, large zip-lock bags and a spatula and headed for the cemetery. I put each a rose on the four grave sites, of Gayla, Catherine, Lillian and her sister Kelly Marie Richards. Lillian is my first love in Noble Canine.

I had to look around, to find the grave sites, and some others where finishing up some work and took off. I felt guilty, thinking what would I tell the Law if they drove up right now? 'Officer, I burying a copy of my book. Non of these folks got to read Noble Canine,' so today, I did just that. I dug a hole, just large enough to cover the zip-lock bag filled with my book, and some roses, and covered it up. Non the wiser. My last three yellow roses I laid on the Gibson graves. Two Noble Families who lost two Noble Daughters, Gloria and my Lillian, all lay here now. I prayed, and cried whale tears as I took the whole scene in.

I thanked Mr. and Mrs. Richards for letting Lillian and I fall in love, for letting me be a part of their lives in so many ways. Mr. Richards called me 'meat-head' before Archer Bunker came along and stole it. One -time Mr. Richards made me return home and replace tennis shoes with holes in them, 'you're not taking my Daughter anywhere looking like a tramp.' Yes, indeed I got my good and presentable shoes and retrieved my date before he could find something else!? They loved me! Noble Family!!

It does seem like weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I can say, 'good night old friends', and not stumble. The harshness of cold steel death, OMG, the parents, how did they deal with such brutal dying. I got to leave it, all behind me. Lillian had just gotten class scheduling setup at Santa Fe Junior College, set to began a new life.

I tell you the Gods Truth; Yesterday, I should have knocked-up Lillian, ran off, got married and rested on the tender mercy's of the U.S. Air Force.

But no! I'm the gentleman! Be a man, do your time in Vietnam, and come home to me. My year in Vietnam was especially difficult because there were 'no letters from my love'. When I did come home and no beloved met me at the airport, I was easily sick to my stomach and never this lonely and depressed as the first few days of home in the world.

But I had a new adventure to get too, I was station at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. Even though I sort-of set this up before hand, somehow, someway, there was a most important reason for asking for assignment to the Garden State. I found love again and brought her home to Florida!

Sorry, but I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here. Oh Yes, I do! release,,, I don't have to leave the porch light on any more, nobody at home. I'm am free! It took 50 years to turn love, loose. It also took the same 50 years to turn hate, loose!

I let go of my hatred of the Vietnamese People, just no room in my heart for hating anybody, thank you Noble Canine.

Just in case you live in a cave, my book, "Noble Canine" is available on Amazon and Fine Book Stores New Earth-wide.

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