A Story of the Real 'Walkin Dead'.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The Joseph Barbarise Story
Fifty years ago I was in Vietnam.

I have put two Vietnam Veterans in the ground because of Agent Orange. Horrible deaths, painful to the very end. I have a big problem with so-called Veterans Administration health care. The VA is better known as the 'pill-palace'. Just like the rest of America, you say?

So what?!

Sick and dying from pills and more pills, until the organs are clogged with medication, and more medication and more pills, until the Veteran is so week he can hardly move. Just like the rest of America, you say?

So what?!

The VA doesn't know a thing about good-health. The VA should be in the fore-front of medical discovery, instead, it's a house of death. Over a million Vietnam Veterans have died from Agent Orange. Twenty, thirty and forty years after leaving Vietnam. I believe, closer,,, to, two million dead now. You dispute my numbers, show me? The VA doesn't keep track of Veterans death, isn't that convenient?! Should be their jobs. The dOCTORS are sub-par and lazy.

Most of the dying done by Vietnam Veterans was done while the VA continued to deny claims.

The dOCTOR's are ignorant, playing games with the lives of Veterans, their families and now add your grand-babies. These dOCTOR's don't have a clue how to heal lock-month. The VA is a subsidiary of the AMA, and is a façade for 'fake healing', and the Vietnam Veteran pays with his life.

I hate this injustice, this ignorance!

This is my friend Joe Barbarise. We served together at Phu Cat AB, Vietnam in 1969 as Sentry Dog Handlers.

I did my own battle with Agent Orange and I'm one of the few to beat this shit. But, my battle from nerve pain is on going 10 years later.

You cannot relate to the pain and suffering this brave man endured. From the day he arrived from China at Tampa International Airport and entered the VA hOSPITAl, he lay naked under bed sheets on special mattress, to keep his skin from sticking to the sheets. I was a witness to his skin pulling away from his body. Joe dealt with this everyday for months. Joe suffered greatly and so have a couple million Vietnam Veterans.

When Joe first arrived at Tampa VA hOSPITAl, he appeared to be getting better. Tested for and received a Florida Drivers License, bought a car, and making big plans of returning to China and picking up where he left off. And most important, there were wedding bells in Joe's future. He was happy, he was walking again and getting better. Joe was really up and wanted to live so very much.

Then the VA started moving Joe around

Every time Joe was moved, he was put in an ambulance with nothing own except a bed sheet. The problems started because this special medications prescribe for him did not make the trip to the next hospital he was shipped off too. Joe started his downward spiral. He never wore clothes again. He never got to drive his recently purchased automobile. Joe didn't get married, either.

I spent a lot of time with Joe, and from day-one I encourage him to journal/document his day to day experience with the VA. I would read from "Noble Canine" and Joe would cry and encouraged me to make my new book available in China, to Chinese college student as a reader, preserving his memory of his time as a English teacher in China. And as a means of letting his past students know what happened to him.

Joe died! Where is the thankful nation?!

The 'rest of the story' can be discovered at: moorek9.com , click on blog. Enjoy Noble Canine the book at Amazon and fine bookstores around the new Earth.

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