And so the sixties (1960’s) had to go;

I did not want to see the Sixties end. I loved the music scene and played the drums in a successful high school party band. The country was a-buzz with change. Freedom marchers, women’s rights, voters’ rights, civil rights, Cuban Crises, race to the moon and end the war and bring the troops home and least we forget, assassinations. I was probably more hippy then airmen and more hippies were serving in all branches. The draft had much to do with hippies in uniform.

I still say the greatest ambassadors America has ever produced continue to be the men and women of our armed forces. Where-ever our troops are stationed in the world, there goes the soul/spiritl of America.

It takes seven support personal to put one fighting-man in the front lines fighting the enemy. That’s what I heard. The rest of us where support and few saw actual combat in Vietnam. So, the rich Americans, (19 yr olds) prop-up the economy of South Vietnam. Most Americans are generous. Vietnam was flooded with nineteen-year-old strangers, singing rock and roll. I was one of those ‘young-men’, I even purchased a pair of drum sticks at the BX and took them with me at night, while on duty.

But as a Sentry Dog Handler my life and the lives of sixty-two dog teams, where tested, ever-night.

The handler climbed down from the deuce-and-a-half, and gently lifted his German Shepherd to the ground, He sits, locked-and-loaded his weapon, (Car-15), finished the dogs change-over, from choke chain to leather working collar, for Junior (Smokey-X480) and as I removed his muzzle, I set on my bucket and watched the last flicker of tail-lights disappear down the run-way berm-road. This 10,000 foot long runway required a lot of Sentry Dog power.

As I remain seated I considered what lay in my path as I entered the zone (Kilo-anything) I radioed with base-command and checked-in that Kilo-43 was secured. I would have no more contact with Base Security unless Junior alerted. I was on my own, scared and lonely, but the night and this patch of ground, belong to me. Here, I was a ‘tin-god’, I carried a full-automatic baby M-16 in my left hand, and a Sentry Dog leashed to my right wrist, for the next ten hours of hide-and-seek. “Where the heck is Charlie?”

Phu Cat AB F-4 Phantoms, supported Marines and Grunts all the way to the DMZ. The enemies goal was to blow our bomb and fuel-dumps, located on the north-east side of the base. Destroy even one, and our aircraft are out of action, and It takes time to re-supply, which means no aircraft overhead supporting Americans on the ground. Cobra Flight was the other ‘mad-dog’ working the night, but Team “Noble Canine” was first-line of defense. “Where others feared to tread, Canine walked alone”!

I worked 360 nights at the Cat, leashed to a fearless, indispensable, highly intelligent, supremely trained Sentry Dog. In all I spent 360 nights leashed to this powerful killing machine. I even learned to talk dog, and to listen. 3600 hours of bonding with these Noble Canine. Training and working these dogs was the ‘high-life’ for me, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I learned to love all of animalKind because of these Noble German Shepherd. What a dog!

With the end of my one year tour of duty, 1969 came to an end, and I left Vietnam, on January 05, 1970 for the world, and the sixties came to an end, and with it a special event was finished. Complete.

An immensely powerful seed (light) was planted during the sixties, babyBoomers did this. On this August day, of the 20th, 2020, our seed has burst-wide-open. A New Earth was imagined, created and invented those 50 years ago. Ya’ll come to the light, New Earth is where Justice will make its home. Old Earth must pass-away, taking the New World Order with it.

Thank You,

Jimmie Moore

Author, Light-worker and Imaginator

” Noble Canine, Search for the Edge”. On sale

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