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Updated: Apr 1, 2019

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I did some complicated mathematical compilations and came up with some interesting facts.

We worked sun-down to sun-up, nightly. I worked a total of 360 nights. Our nights were 10 hour shift. 10 hours X 360 nights equal 3,600 hours working all-nighters with our Noble Canine. Again, I can carry this even further; 3,600 man hours time 62 handlers equals 223,200 man and dogs hours together.

Then I got to thinking about Sentry Dog School and broke down the total hours of total training, minus the total work hours devoted to obedience training only. Total school hours was 320 hours, that's eight weeks. Of that number, 200 hours was devoted to obedience training. 200 hours was devoted to OBEDIENCE TRAINING!

All babies have to learn many things in order to grow. All species of Animalkind go through potty training. This is a most delicate time for all babies. If crap on the floor brothers you, don't get a dog or cat, get a bird.
Think about these numbers, before you invest in trainers.

You can never? match these kind of numbers but you should try. If you can't follow-up obedience training with more of the same at home, don't get a German Shepherd, are any large dog for that matter. It take time, effort, knowledge and a lot of patients, which means a-lot of love to correctly train any kind of pet. But if you the handler lose the desire to follow through with training, the dogs pays, by being confessed and stressed. Better no training then half-ass training.

Me and my trainer, Duke I, had worked together for 8 weeks. 200 hours of obedience training. Here's the kicker:

Most of our Noble Canine were on there 3rd rotation. So all the training numbers were multiplied by 3. Duke I, had completed the training cycle twice, before being assigned to me. Our instructors informed us FNG's that we were lucky that our dogs already knew what to do and would be teaching us new guys the ropes, and they did!

When you volunteered for Sentry Dog School, you bought into a system of training. I totally enjoyed my dog education at Lackland AFB. It was very intense training and dangerous work, never a dull moment.

These numbers tell an important story. A saying heard a lot in school was, 'what does down the leash, comes up the leash!'
On Facebook I see and read many things that disturb me greatly about Handlers-handling German Shepherds.

Dogs, cats, all pets in general are first, companions, then friends and finally, family. To take a newly born, any-kind, name your animal, but say puppies, and to just push discipline right off into their new lives is a lot more than most pets will put up with or want to handle.

So they resist, by exaggeration of many different non-issues until they finally become issues. And it's off to school. Everybody is freaking. What do we do? Issues like, spilling food all around the kitchen from there bowls, of course, dripping water all over the kitchen, or just tipping over any bowl every time the dog passing his dishes, or eats a slipper for the first time, and hides the other, outside in the backyard, digging that first hole in your perfect yard, being mean to other dogs, the list is endless.

But if you live in a large community, the pressure is own to have a well behaved pet, is huge!

If you live in a rural area you tend to focus less on disciplining. Dogs are mostly left to wonder, and come pretty-much on command anyway, and without the expensive training and trainers. To own pets in a city is almost animal cruelty. Leaving pets alone all day is frightening to them. And you wonder why the furniture is destroyed at the end of the day. Yes your favorite Trainer will tell you how bored the pet is, OK!? Dogs and cats, birds too, have panic attacks. Cats go nuts and disappear for weeks, some dogs start running around the inside of the house or apartment, like a race track!

Pet owner may never realize that their cat or dog may have injured themselves.

Cats fall a lot, dogs run into things, they get hurt and if the handler isn't paying attention, the pet suffers. Smaller breeds are comfortable in homes and apartments, but deserved to have a backyard to play in, to take a private dump without prying eyes. Bigger dogs, NO! Need room to run and play, especially if your leaving a large dog to be alone while you work, NO! Not fare to the dog.

To be a proud owner-handler, is to be responsible.
Let your puppies have time to adjust. To much of anything can warp anything. Go slow, be patient, there is plenty of time!

You can't train stress away. Environment can kill. If you live alone, and work all day and leave your best friend home alone, NO! Big no-no! Locked up all day in a cage, your water, your food and the toilet all right there. Bottom line, let puppies and kittens have a babies-life for a year, give them a chance to breath and grow with very little training. I believe you will have calmer, sweeter pets, and a calmer, sane handler.

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