Catching Up 50 Years Later...08-24-2019

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

I just returned from a 2200 mile round-trip to Michigan and visited a fellow Sentry Dog Handler, BT, from a long time ago. My old friend and now my buddy has aged gracefully. With the help of a cane he gets around but on bad knees, but he gets around. Like all Vietnam Veterans, he is in a holy fight to stay alive. It's a daily battle. He's had other issues, some life threatening. We are both seventy-one years old, and live day to day. Barry enjoys his grand-children and wants to be around when they are growd-up.

But first I want to mention some of the events I took part in: Seven months into the year I made my first visit to my local Vietnam Veterans of America, chapter meeting. There were about twenty to twenty-five members attending, including a half-dozen of the ladies. Incredible Bar-bar-qua was served.

Our VVA chapter meeting didn't have enough member's to mount a color-guard. OMG as I thought about the thinning ranks of Vietnam Veterans all over. One of the last issues of the night was about what the future holds for the VVA organization, keeping the name viable and active.

And, as I set in my chair, looking around at the members, enjoying tender-sweet BBQ, I noticed something in the eyes of the men and women in the room,,,fear!!! Not only do these men fear their on deaths from Agent Orange, but have had to live with and watch, while thousands upon thousands of brothers experience premature deaths.

How much horror can a Vietnam Veteran endure. With 22 Veterans dying everyday from suicide, I suggest,,, not many. Now, the only entities that offered any relief, like the DAV, VDHA, VVA, and others, don't have enough members to present a Color-Guard. These Clubs are dying, and the few surviving members are scared. The sadness I see in the room, is in the eyes. What I see is chaos from so much suffering and dying. The hurt we feel, being betrayed by a lying (government),(military), (Veterans Administration), (medical community), (ama) and, especially the American People. All, are responsible for the 2,000,000 Agent Orange deaths.

Visiting the War Dog Memorial was the highlight of week-long stay in Michigan.

Now, the only entities that offered any relief, like the DAV, VDHA, VVA, and others, don't have enough members to present a Color-Guard.

As Vietnam Veterans die-off, so also will America die. The Spirit of America dies with ever Veterans death. Time will stop when the people of this country grow some balls and fight the chemical cartels and the oil cartels who are killing this planet. Global warming is a facade, is a huge cover-up to hide the real damage being done by these cartels. No difference between AO or GMO, same poison, same chemistry.

Isn't nature incredible? I added this beauty just to change the vibrational/freqency. This is a Japanese Plum tree. It bloomed during the last week of Feb/2019. I invited folks to came and share in the experience of this incredible blooming-happening. In the middle of the winter, no less, but allas, nobody came, nobody cared, missing out own a hugh event. So I got to enjoy this wonderful happening with a friend. Isn't love sweet!For the planet...t.

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