Don't InSult Our Women 09-11-2019

Nothing is happening! Sept. 11, 1969
But, every night at sundown, K9 is on the job.
I'm bored shitless. I need a gook to chew on. I'd really would just like to go home. What do you say?

Truth be told, not until the first few days of January 1970 does the Kat finally get hit by enemy forces. But, surprise-surprise, for the first time NVA troops are lighting off ROCKETS while concealed in the mountains that surrounded Phu Cat.. Got hit twice that night and you know from reading "Noble Canine", I slept through both attacks. I got out of Vietnam just in the nick of time.

Fifty years ago this day I was a 'short-timer'. Eight months of being expendable as the first line of defense has probably taken a toll somehow, someway, that I am not aware of, yet. But going home, or better yet, leaving Vietnam is a reward all by itself. All my thoughts are of getting out of Vietnam in one piece, with all my body parts and all my mind, intact. So far, so good.

FYI,,,on this date fifty years ago, I was already infected by Agent Orange. Yes,! I did leave Vietnam with the same me as I arrived with. What I had no understanding about, I left Vietnam whole in body, mind and spirit, to enter through the world-gates of hell and start a journey as The Walking Dead, and,

The chickens are coming home to roost.

I was in total denial, that anything about Agent Orange had any validity. Not me, brother!

I come home from Vietnam, whole, and ready to find my Bride and get on with life. All well, said and done,,,I stayed in a frozen state of raw ignorance for the next forty years. I loved life. But in 2009 the lovely Dragon beast reared its ugly-fiery-breath, who flies at warp-speeds and IT entered my life, my home, my peace, and commenced to finish what the government and chemical cartel started, cleaning the slate of warBabies/BabyBoomers,,,, but mostly...the 1%'s had to destroy the victorious sons of WWII, war-baby-Warriors. Today, 2,000,000 dead baby-boomer-Warriors, later? Nobody blinked.

The Dragon never blinks and his mission of Gathering the Warrior Soul is almost completed.

My refusal to learn all I could google, cost me dearly. I flat refused to look the god-damned Beast in the face, aided and abetted, I did! but worse, my silence was my permission, a green light to start research on creating new earth foods. All this time, I was a card caring, life member of the Walking Dead. Now, this very day, A.O. equals G.M.O.'s. and our home planet is dying.

Joe Barbarise took this picture. That's me on the right. first handler. What Agent Orange!??

Had we understood the enemy, I am convinced, had I in the 1980's, while living in Hollywood, CA., and right in middle of the Agent Orange court trails, with several hundred millions of dollar being stolen by slick lawyers, had I educated myself to all things Agent Orange, and also, made the effort to educate others, more of the dead would be alive. More important, the chemical cartel would not be in the food creating business. Evil...death!?!

Dragon Brigade, to you.

To any thinking Brigade member, do you realize? in five years that most of our membership will be dead. Only a few thousand Dragon Birgade members will still be alive. We have a short time to act. The window of opportunity is open. Want last?

So, who is insulting our Women?
Gas mask, what a novel idea. Wouldn't have help!??

The President of Vietnam Veterans of America stated that Women will have NO LEADERSHIP ROLL IN VVA. In five years, our Women, our wives, will be the only humans around to pick-up the pieces and call to attention the next VVA meeting. Why alienate our spouses. Only GateKeepers can answer. The fools! And you wonder where the men are???Lost.

Veterans group must open their arms to these Women, the only souls left who care.

Why beat them up, they have suffered enough. Living with a Vietnam Veteran and an Agent Orange victim is trail enough. For the most part, our women, our families, even generational family units have suffered. and By God, the world needs to hear about it. I insist!

As always, share Noble Canine with your friends. It's OK to help this Vietnam Veteran, Agent Orange Victim, be successful. It's OK to help an Agent Orange Causality and one of the Walking Dead who flat-out refuses to be a victim or lay down and just die.

People who love Vietnam Veterans will not let Noble Canine melt away, and my desire to be #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list is a fact, waiting to happen. Noble Canine is an American Love story. Noble Canine is an U.S. Air Force Love story. Noble Canine expresses my Love of AnimalKind. Go, buy ten copies of the hard back and give them away at Christmas time.

If each veteran would get behind me, my success is a lock. to contact me, please go to: send letters to Noble Canine @ P.O. Box 55055, Jacksonville, FL. 32216

Thank You, I like being successful. Jimmie Moore, Sentry Dog Handler, Republic of Vietnam, 1969. Mighty, mighty Air Force. Count me PROUD. But I refuse to play the fool. (the Godfather)

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