Dragon Death! Walking Dead! 05-13-2019

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Does it matter what we call it, I think it does!?

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited.

I keep harping about the 2,000,000 (MILLIONs) Vietnam Veterans who have died from exposure to Agent Orange during time spent in-country. Fifty-years later, I wonder at Veterans who seem to think attending funeral services is their calling in life. Raising money for the next memorial, or honoring the Agent Orange dead and dying. When do we honor life? Death followed us home from one war, to die in a war that is even more lonely, more terrifying and so unforgiving. Wasn't enough to survive, we had to return to the world, and face man-created death. Chemical death, a Nazi kind of death, you think!??

My sarcasm bite? Not enough? We are not powerless. Somebody must be held accountable.

I am one of those walking dead. My fight continues, daily. I slowed the Dragon, but I am the 'walking dead'! So yes, I stand!

I haven't talked about the people of Vietnam and the plague that overshadows that country, but finally the USA is cleaning up their mass after fifty years of poisoning the land, the animals, the people, and today, third generation new-born. The Vietnamese people die from wounds more deadly then bullet-holes, pain just as incapacitating as any battle wound, and no one listened for fifty years. The United States is finally (?) doing the right thing with massive clean-up efforts all over Vietnam. Speed this process up, a third generation is affected and suffering. Untold numbers of Vietnamese people are dying, with many deformities.

Why hasn't Vietnam challenged the United States in the world Court? Does Vietnam get Justice from the United States, quietly and behind the scene.

Like everything that has to do with the chemical companies, DOW, Monsanto's, DuPont and all the rest who made money off killing Americans, how do they get away with per-meditated murder, paid for by the America people. What does the government do, deny, deny! What does the Veterans Administration do? Deny! It's getting harder to hide 2,000,000 deaths of the home-town hero!? How many more Vietnam Veterans must die. How many of the peoples of Vietnam have to suffer, die and pay a horrible price. When does the Vietnam War end?

Dear Vietnam Vet, here is what your government is doing with its cover-up of our Agent Orange plague: we are being systematically extinguished, as in; suppressed, destroyed, annihilated, wiped-out, wiped off the face of the earth, put a stop to, bring to an end, terminated, erased, eliminated, eradicated, obliterated, liquidated, expunged, abolished, killed, extirpated, obscured, suppressed, disrupted, rubbed-out, snuffed-out, my favorite, murder-by-government. Sorry dear brother Vet., their is no glory in this death.

and Just like the holocaust of 6 MILLION JEWS, so too is 2 MILLION man-made-deaths, by the same people,,, be it branded a HOLOCAUST.

Cooperate chemical producers have 'branded-together' for defense and survival of their horrid-industries products, all poisons and thrown helter-skelter to the winds of planet earth.

Our planet will not survive past the two generation warning, the allotted time frame for repairing the earth.

How can we live in a society where there is commerce without morality, or science without humanity, knowledge without character, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, worship without sacrifice and politics without principles. It all starts with Justice and Love for all of humanity and all AminalKind. The love of money will not be a problem on our Future Earth! New Earth lives, needs help to survive. Stand

Will somebody please tell me, how does the chemical cartel get away with their raw, in your face, for the world to see, pray tell me?, how do 'they' convince Vietnam Veterans, to simply shut-up, lay-down and just die?

I nursed two Vietnam Veterans during there long death-walk and finally days in hospice. Make no bones about it, an Agent Orange death is the worst kind of death imaginable. Men's bodies so raked with pain the Veterans Administration has special 'cock-tale' to relieve pain.

As Joe Barbarise lay dying in a Gainesville VA hospital/hospice care unit, he reminded me of this fact, " man, this shit (Agent Orange) was killing him", and how his life was being cut short, by 'cooperate brands' and government thugs. This G.I. did not sign on for this! Joe did not sign on for this!

Joe was pissed and Joe paid a hard price and Agent Orange murdered him. Another voice, silenced. The beat goes on and our numbers grow fewer each day. Just think, one of us will get the honor of being the last Vietnam Veteran to exist. Who will show up at your funeral!? Who will care? Who will carry the flags!? There is always someone to blow taps!

Everyday in America and from worldwide media sources, comes stories of farmers up in arms with Monsanto's and their GMO's that the chemical companies are pushing down the throats of a sound to sleep consumer. Of course Uncle Sam, is on the wrong side in this battle. A silent war to see who control our food-supply and whether the food is fit to eat. Way to go Uncle Sam!

The last ten years of my life, it has been about beating the Dragon to death, instead of my death. I've won, well sort-of?! Other Veterans have battled for 20, 30, 40 or more years. 2 million have died.

So? What is wrong with this picture??

Well for one thing, that's how long we've known about the effects of the governments chemical rainbow. Agent Orange was created to destroy Vietnam the country, the Vietnamese people and the survivors who fought the war. It was a lot more than just killing vegetation.

In the Court of Justice , chemical companies and the military industrial complex and government need to be adjudicated, and stop their planet-wide environmental destruction, OR, this planet will not survive. The planet is doomed, and will not survive with business as usual. The chemical cartel, the oil cartel are killing our world, our home. There is nowhere else to go.

The Veterans Administration is responsible for the biggest cover-up in all recorded history.

The whole scam, that's being played by many interested groups, be it government, media, military, medical, is to keep Vietnam Veterans dumb down and scared. Keeps us as glorious guinea pigs with medals. Its worked for fifty years. I keep returning to the central question; how many have to die before a light comes on. When you suffer the pain induce by chemical poisoning, the worst poison science and man can devise an use it as a weapon on life-it-self?? ie, Agent Orange is your wake up call. Act while you can still move!

If Vietnam Veterans had understood just how deadly the Agent Orange Plague would end up costing in lives, misery and broken families, had Vietnam Veterans stood against the chemical companies in the 1980's and stayed in the fight until victory...I'm am convinced, had we stopped Mansanto's, DOW, DuPont and all the rest, way back then, had we stood together, and made them $pay$, we could have stopped all the so-called research of GMO's at universities and cooperation's, stopped them cold in their tracks, and ended their reign of terror on planet earth. A lot of people are making big buck$ off our suffering and dying, but what chemical companies are doing with GMO's is planet-wide suicide. The end of natural-farming, is the end of healthy living. THEN???

Then, Earth will not survive 2 generations. Out of control oil and chemical producers will kill this planet, our home. Again folks, nowhere else to go, and Space-X will not save you.
News Flash:

The Planet has warned humankind and animalkind that Earth will support life for the next two generations. If drastic changes are not introduced immediately and put into effect worldwide, the healing of the planet will fail. The next fifty years is time enough to save our home. It want be easy, the damage is extensive, and greed plays its game of always being in the way. In other words, the oil and chemical cartels are the problem and will not lift a hand to solve the problems they have created, unless forced to. Vietnam Veterans must be that force, even with our last breath.

Today, 05122019 the Veterans Administration is a big-time game player, playing with the lives of millions of Veterans and Vietnam Veterans. For decades the VA has denied, denied while hundreds of thousands die. Instead of showing leadership the VA has abandoned the Vietnam Veterans and left us to die, but comfortably.

Agent Orange literally destroys the human body from the inside out. Seems, it goes after our legs, so most of us have difficulty standing and walking and balance is a problem. I compare Vietnam Veterans to the 'Walking Dead", as seen on TV. 'They made a joke of our dilemma and made it into a drama for your entertainment. They laugh all the way to the bank. The "Walking Dead" our phantoms.

Forty years ago we were tricked by slick as snot lawyers who stole the very needed help (money) that appeared to be coming forward to help Vietnam Veterans and their needy families. But, the sick and dying Vietnam Vet, who, as their families look on in horror, as wive sacrifice so much to live with one of these damaged hero's, who simply, keep on dying. (TWOMILLION)

Veterans Administration Doctors, continue to lie. They never face criminal charges, there is no Justice for Vietnam Veterans and we keep dying!

My shame is that I allowed this holocaust of crime to happen. I never questioned my government, I just took it for granted that government was here to help me, not kill me. Big mistake! I trusted Doctors and I was thankful for the VA. No more.

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