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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited Phu Cat Air Base is quite, spooky quite. Where is the enemy?!!

Can't put this off any longer, but first a little back ground:

I would have made a handsome cop.

I've had this recurring fantasy since the day I left the U. S. Air Force and entered school in Gainesville, studying law enforcement, planning on being a police officer, some where in the world. Up until this very day, now, today, I've carried this fantasy, of coming to the rescue of a police officer being gunned down, or just needing assistance, whatever, coming to the aid of someone in trouble. I am always armed for just such an eventuality. Having said that, I have major issues with the men-in-blue.

I grew up in 'jim-crow' Florida. Here's a definition of 'Jim Crow'===were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the southern United States. All were enacted in the late 19th and early 20 centuries by white Democratic-dominated state legislatures after the Reconstruction period. The (LAWS) were enforced until 1965. "Jim Crow cannot exist without law enforcement"!

1965, 'the colored kids arrived' from across the tracks, they be coming to ole BHS. Before you get your buns in an up-roar, the last statement is pure jimcorwese. I've mature, thank you!!?

In "Noble Canine" 'Search For The Edge', I write about water canons and German Shepherds being used against freedom fighters. I was in dog school, and seeing dogs turned loose to attacked people, insulted me, I would never do that. I wasn't smart enough to see my future, I had just sealed my fate as a cop.

I think it was The USAF who sprayed the most!!

In 1972 I was getting ready to make my exit from the Air Force and start college. Just before discharge I enrolled in a local college Police Academy and got my Law Enforcement Certification. I could work in just about any department in the world. On my return to school, I started my police science studies. I got a job at the Sheriffs Dept. radio dispatcher. I was terrible, got fired.

When police officials found out I was former Air Force Security, they approach me with a special job opportunity. Under-cover, creating drug bust. And, it was OK to set up my very own close friends, too. They needed a fresh face, someone who was a real student. Being a musician would serve me well, allowing me to get in closer to the unsuspecting. Are you 'shitting me?' I refused to be a snitch. I was told to find another career path, law enforcement wasn't for me! daH? really!? (1972)

I was glad to be free from fucking over my friends, but any student was fare game, also. Certain People made it perfectly clear, I had just blown the biggest opportunity of my young-ass life. This ended my Law Enforcement want-a-be, thank god. But from that day forward I paid close attention to police tactics. I paid attention to drug enforcement and the literal creation of the law enforcement growth industry and the drug cartels. Both seem to appear and grow together, at the same time????

Tens of thousand of young people going to jail, mostly to brand-new jails, paid for by drug enforcement bust, a growth industry. This industry need criminals (aka-people)(bodies), even if they have to create the crimes to create the bodies. You know, like firemen creating fires to justify their existence. Justice does not exist in America or the world. No Justice on the simplest level, leads to chaos

Vet day at the kennels. Junior seems mighty relaxed!

The more I observed law enforcement the more I understood phrases like; 'The chickens are coming home to roost'. OR 'What goes around, comes around'. OR 'What you put out comes back to you'. Karma
What police are dealing with,'FROM THE AMERICAN CITIZEN', is real-life revenge.

A lot of people have been screw blue and tattoo'd over and by bad law, enforced by bad law enforcement. There is a lot of money to be made enforcing bad law. Police lie, setting people up for long prison terms, or life in prison. The more bodies the more money the non-justice system can steal from public coffers. Oh! how the media keeps the people a-fearing, pure art.

Not done a thing, except being black!!

Jim Crow says, blackness can be a crime OR black-lives don't matter. Many black men serve prison time, most deserve everything they get. But, when cops and government conspire to trump up charges against citizens, those public officials have no right to expect justice when they are gunned down by the same citizen, or their copy-cat. It's called revenge, you know? 'what goes around comes around'. Police have created their own nightmare!

When I see the latest victims of gross injustice, some who have spent 40 and 50 years in a stinking prison, paraded on TV, I cringe at the abuse and know that retribution is close at hand. SomeOnegetspissed?! Always

You MEN in Law Enforcement, don't want to here this, do you? Hang on, there is more...

More of the citizenry understands, more each day, who law enforcement really serves and protect, and it ain't me or you, joe-blow...LAW ENFORCEMENT IS THE MIGHTY ARM OF THE 1%'s. Every police officer dances to the drums of the 1%'s. The people are fed up with all this bull-shit law. It's about money. Always!!?

Junior (aka Smoky X480) didn't make it home. Same-same for over 4000 Germen Shepherds. So wasteful.

The people of the world,,, owe Steve Jobs a huge debt of gratitude for creating the smart phone. When you view on your TV a half doesn't cops beating hell out of Rodney King in the City of Los Angeles, be damn glad someone recorded it. The Lights are on now! If there is JUSTICE, then cops will no longer be ambushed, OR have worry about coming home, tonight.

No Justice for the citizen, no justice for A criminal cop. It's simple, "What goes around comes around"!!? Doesn't have to be this way, but the whole criminal justice system is fraud. It's all about money and stealing as many dollars from people as they can get away with. It's criminal for the mafia to extort the peoples wealth, but alright for the criminal justice system to extort the people wealth.

Final thought: I'm not pointing a finger at Womenkind who ware the uniform, for a very simple reason, YOUR NOT THE PROBLEM. Men in blue are the problem! We must have more and more female cops driving around in squad-cars, walking the beat, what-ever. We need tens of thousands of women wearing badges and armed to fight for Justice. Then and only then will WomenKind feel safe.

Sorry guys, but I know the future, sort-of?!

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