Fifty Years of Living Pt.1 02-09-2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

I'm not sure were this will lead

I've had a lot of good years. Forty-five years married to the same beautiful woman, got that part right. The ten years it took to get "Noble Canine" published I did battle with Agent Orange. I never knew about Phu Cat Air Base being the third largest staging area of operations, spraying toxins all over the northern most part of the country. Phu Cat received the chemical agents via Qui Nhon naval facilities, stored it, shipped it and sprayed it far and wide.

This poison has killed over a million Vietnam Veterans, I think it's closer to 2 million veterans.

We just keep falling dead. If you can show me better number's, then by all means show me?!

I never knew pain like this, nerve pain.

It attacked my left leg first. I started falling. In the next three years I counted 32 times where I fell. Hard falls, public falls, mostly on hard concrete. Why I didn't break bones is a mystery to me. At first no Doctor could figure what was going on with me. I had diabetes. You can hide much behind that word?

The bottom-line, my problem was from the effects of herbicides poisoning from 40 years ago in Vietnam. Phu Cat played a major roll in all things Agent Orange.

I managed to write Noble Canine in a very rough draft, or outline and set on it, for the next 3 years, while my body wasted away fighting this 'thing'? Nerve pain has to be the worst. Fire ants under your skin. I needed medication for pain. This is the first time in my life, I had taken any form of medication. I was desperate to control the pain. It had been months since the pain started and sleeping was almost impossible except from exhaustion. For three years I mostly lay still, did not work on Noble Canine at all.

I give credit where it is due, to my wife a very component Nurse and my loving wife.

She got me through the very worst of it. I had no income coming in, so I did something I really didn't want to do, I applied for Social Security Disability and got signed up with the VA. Today, because I can't hold a job I'm considered 100% disable with a 70% rating. The money keeps the family housed and feed.

But, and this is a big but, where are all the Veterans groups?!

They all make me mad as hell. So much pride wasted on doing nothing. What?! about Agent Orange. All the suffering that's gone on behind closed doors. The families that suffer along with their Veteran, pay a hard price. They have never been compensated. In fact, none of us have seen one red cent for our pain and suffering.

It took the VA decades to admit the facts about Agent Orange.

Men Died. Men got weaker and sicker as the grew older, never knowing a dreaded plague had been loosed on them. It was hard for me to come to grips with the knowledge that my government intentionally poisoned me, and, with the support of the Chemical Companies. Billions poisoned the greed. In its wake are 2 million Vietnam Veteran left to play their rolls.

They make TV shows about the 'Walking Dead'. You think I jest? You should walk in my shoes.

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