Fuck-it, Don't mean a thing, Move on! Is a goddamn lie!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

Most Veterans do not join veterans organizations.

Those that do join are soon disappointed by the non-direction all the Veterans groups seem to follow.

Half the men who join, set at home on meeting night, wondering where the voice for Veterans is hidden. We can't receive Hemp oil for medication purposes via VA, because of ignorant laws, and ignorant doctors. We pay with our lives?! Bad law that has cost almost 2 million Vietnam Veterans their lives. If it where anybody else, you'd hear words like holocaust or genocide. Two million airmen, sailors, soldiers, and marines, plus family members of the infected. Latest survey from the VA, 'how many of your children's children are effected by Agent Orange poisoning.' And dare we discuss the effect suffered upon Vietnam.

My own case, I was forced by Agent Orange to apply for Veterans benefits, and at the same time, social security disability.

The Disabled American Veterans became my champion and advocate with all things VA, and getting access to what's due to me and all veterans as certified members of Vietnam War Veterans, poisoned and betrayed by government, military industrial complex, with full corporation from corporate America.

It took me ten years, from starter out-line to finished product. I just received the new hard-back proof-copy for review. This is the final step, being, e-book, soft copy and brand-new, the hard copy. I am well pleased.

The ten years it took to write Noble Canine my body was being decimated and beaten to death by a cruel betrayal of this country.

Nerves were attacked, muscle attacked, skin attacked. Loss of appetite. loss of 60+lbs in three months. I felt the cold breath of death. Finally found some pills that relieved the pain, but I continued to fall-down a lot. Most where embarrassing falls in embarrassing places.

It took several years for the affected nerve and muscle damage to spread from my lower left leg, all the way up to the hip, then cross-over or through the hips to the right leg and travel all the way down to the toes.

My nerves endings where so damaged, I started wishing for a wheelchair.

If I didn't start eating again, and lots of protein, I may never want to eat again. So, I started eating breakfast and added beans and rice from my favorite chicken house, and it stopped the weight loss. Of course I gained weight, I also recovered all my lost weight and then some. I was so weakened by nerve damage, I was unable to regain any muscle strength or to bulk up, I went from overweight, to skinny as a rail to fat again. All the while just under my skin was a ragging fire, fire ants, feasting on my nerves and muscles.

I thanked the VA gods for the pain-free hours of relief the pills palace was providing.

Over the 10 years from intense pains too mild pains, I completed my story and book, Noble Canine. For three years I didn't lift a pen, or turn on a computer, I just set still, and give my body the desire to live. I want very much to see and be apart of the books success. Lovely stories are already coming out of the woodwork. During the tens years it took to write the book, I watched two Noble Warriors succumb too the ravages of Agent Orange and die in Hospice Care. Horrible deaths. Nobody should have to live through a life of the walking dead!? Vietnam Veterans are the 'Walking Dead'!

Worse, I use to go to veterans meeting and it is always the same, someone just died from AO, or, is so sick, and is in a hospital and will soon die. Ever meeting hall in America will tale the story of cold death, lonely death, wasn't suppose to happen like this. I survived the Vietnam War, I made it home in one piece. But now, we have seen our demons, and we fight to control our hate. The 'Walking Dead' will not go silently into the dark.

Hemp Oil is a healing gift from the Creator.

It's denied to Veterans? Why!? is that President Trump? Why, as commander in chief of our military personal, do you reject the healing power of Hemp Oil. Pill Palace Phamakeia is based on old world oil. Hemp Oil is New Earth thinking, as in healing!

Mr. President with all due respect for your office, stop, the 22 suicides, daily. Two Million Vietnam Veterans have suffered enough and paid with their lives, all the while being told no problem, GI? Lies kill. VA kills, governments kills.

Law Enforcement needs to get out of the hemp business. They, law enforcement along with politicians, and governments have done much damage to the veteran community, and the America psyche. President Trump, your continued support of military is cheapened and hypocritical by the office, Your Office as President of these United States, denying the healing properties of hemp. The Vietnam Veterans who suffer silently, are tired of the machine of government. Stop denying this miracle-wonder- working powerful drug from our mighty Creator, Give free Hemp products to aid the veteran. Make the best medical experience , be healing. Heal our people? The government must stop killing its own people. Make medical hemp oil available to a sick society.

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