'Fuck it, It don't mean a thing?! Move on?? Is a LIE! Part 2. 03-15-2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

"To all our VVA Brothers and Sisters" This came via email today.

Its one thing, during the heat of battle, deadly battles, (something I've never experience, BUT, I've talked with all kinds of Veterans over the last fifty years, I have a wall full of books, so I get the picture.) To go stone-cold dead from fear in battle and still have a tour of duty to pull-off and try to live and survive battle after battle, until all emotions, is lock away in a vault, yeah? remember what the kid reacting to horror did?

Well, that kid is trying to 'man-up', mentally trying to get past the killing-fields, and he's created a survival mantra in order to survive the moments of stark terror.

Every GI is intimate with 'Fuck it', as in, what can you do about it, fucking nothing, so what the fuck, OVER! Right? What comes next is so American, so youth-coping with horror, 'It don't mean a thing'?! Pure Survival but a lie!

Customize Idiom from the board rooms of Dow, Monsanto, Military Industrial Complex, Banks, and Governments.

Fifty years later, Veterans are still, Moving on!? We Veterans have been conned into Moving on!? We live a lie and refuse to face the fact that the American GI in Vietnam were used as guinea pigs, as canon fodder and betrayed.

Vietnam Veterans of America hide behind a slogan that reads: "Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another", but these same Vietnam Veterans will not lift a finger to help themselves. NO ONE SPEAKS FOR THE SICK VETERANS, the abandoned. Certainly not the VA. So the "Walking Dead" are dying off at an incredible rate, almost two million dead, now. That's a Holocaust, that's Genocide. (dah!?) Where are the voices of Veteran Leadership, they don't exist! The clubs are dead-fish.

Read it and weep, America!? Your SHAME!

To all our VVA Brothers and Sisters:

I just received word that another good friend, and 1046 Chapter Veteran has stage four cancer. It seems Vietnam is still killing us, agent orange has struck another Vietnam Veteran.

I was told he has couple of days, so keep our friend and brother Mike Abby in your prayers. Mike moved to Paris Tenn. with his wife Patricia a Veteran and also Chapter Member, to be closer to there family. I hope Mike's family will all be with him in his final days or hours. Godspeed Mike, and God Bless you my friend.

-- "Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another"

BottomLine: A new organization for Veterans.

501-c-3 is control, is slavery to the state!

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