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Two things got me interested in MedicalHemp, first, while trying to get off Veterans Administrations protocols of dumping oil-base pills on everything, with NO HEALING to be found anywhere, and Number 2 was seeing all the handlers getting German Shepherds, mostly puppies and having serious health issues, internally as well as skin issues.

I decided to start my on MedicalHemp businesses. Number 1, I came up with a skin cream to improve health problems for Vietnam Veterans that were caused by chemical spraying while fighting a war fifty years ago. It wasn’t enough to win the lotto and make it home alive. Every day of life became a new and different battle, that gradually killed its host.

I also used a high strength, Nano Concentrate emulsified CBD for internal use. A drop or two, on your food, in a beverage or straight, offers healing. But the veteran has to do more than just try-It. While, to my way of thinking MedicalHemp is a miracle-gift from the gods. Or Nature. But the typical Vietnam Veteran is over-weight, and has internal organs so polluted and clogged with VA pills that the different organs are working less and less trying to protect the bodies own ability to clean and purify the entire system. And the organs designed to create the hormones, which help eliminate waste, can’t function the way the system is design to operate.

What the Veterans have to do, must do, is clean every ORGAN in their bodies. It takes time and an investment in proper supplements and cleanses and the Veterans Administration will not lift a finger to help. If the typical Agent Orange VICTIM does not make a conscious decision to leave organ clogging oil base drugs behind, out of his self-doctoring attempt to live, HE MIGHT JUST AS WELL CONTINUE ON THE VA SUICIDE APPROACH. What the VA will be more than glad to do is fill your bodies organ with killing, oil-based pills, until the body breaks down, and dies from exhaustion.

There is a medical crisis in America and the whole world.

I had a stroke and the medical gods said dehydration brought it on. I was consuming 16 pills for pain along, each and every day. I was on this regiment for eight years. I spent three days in a Hospital, came home and my wife had to call the para-medics who suggested I return to the hospital. I did, an doctors could not find any sign of a stroke. They looked!

I spent a few days in a different hospital, and returned home. Supposedly there was no damage. My Bride might have a different opinion.

To make things worse, the VA refused to pay. They insisted my Wife should have gotten me to a VA hospital in Lake City or Gainesville. My wife is a Registered Nurse who is very knowledgeable and highly skilled, who made a snap decision to get me to the ER as quickly as possible. That hospital was less than a mile away. Lake City and Gainesville hospitals was 75 and 100 miles away. In an emergency, we made a decision that was in my best interest. Fuck the Veterans Administration.

The VA makes such fanfare out opening services outside there domine, and make it hard for providers of those services to receive payment. I received permission from my VA dentist to use a outside dentist, who I had been using for years. The teeth the VA made for me where like putting a shoebox in your mouth, just terrible. The teeth provided by my old dentist worked like a charm. What the VA provided was useless and on top of it all, they didn’t want to pay for the new teeth by a non-VA-dentist. It took over a year for payment to be made.

There are too any people at the VA with too much authority to deny, and no common sense anywhere. They treat the Veteran like we are a freak show, but thank you for your service. I know the VA never expecting this Veteran to be alive 10 years later. But, I had help from a master healer who put me on a strict regimen to free the body of VA Toxic oil-based Pills, which slowly, but surely were destroying my bodies will to live.

I do suggest smoking the baddest Marijuana you can find. It saved my life and probably my marriage. Noble Canine, P.O. Box 55055, Jacksonville, FL. 32216

I can hear the ‘gate-keepers’ whining and moaning. Come on MEN, what does 2,000,000 DEAD Vietnam Veterans actually mean to you? I mean, what is this strange desire to just ignore the cause of so much pain and so much suffering. Our wives may luck out and never suffer the effects of chemical poisoning while living with a Vietnam Veteran. But, if your making a family, those children are now infected. It’s not enough; to just lay down-VETERANS and die and leave behind the brutality of what serving your country has become.

To put this responsibility on the backs of Mothers and Children. The worse of crime, its INSANITY.

I’m not the first to call the VA, ‘the pill factory’. Nor am I the first to call the Veterans Administration Hospital System a house of death. While most military-retired types, what I call ‘the gatekeepers’ who created, run and control Veteran Organizations, still tow the party line of support for so call VA Health Care. Why??! What the VFW, VVA, Legion Post, VDHA, whatever group, whatever! all of them, they all refuse to speak about, much less speak-out about the 2,000,000 dead Vietnam Veterans, and that equals VA Health Care. Veteran Organizations are the gangsters of ignorance and they along with media, doctors, government and every service branch are guilty of the big lie.

While wasting time with Facebook I noticed a trend in Animal ownership where dogs and cats seemed to be dying prematurely. A year ago, I raised a red-flag about the foods, that animals are being forced to eat, by caring and loving handlers. And Veterinarians, just like the human doctors, don’t have a clue. Everyone is looking for answers to all the cancers, tumors, horrible skin problems and the list gets longer, the help, good information is near non-existent. As usual. The medical bills for these animals are sky high, I believe there is strong correlation between food consumed and all medical bills for the animals or humans.

So, I’m going to do something about the poor food quality and poorer health problems for AnimalKind. Again, MedicalHemp for ALL Animals is a must. The healing miracle that is Hemp will work its miracle, if given a fare chance.

What I will make available to the public is a CBD Emulsified (water-soluble) Tincture with 1200ml Nano-Concentrated formula. Several drops daily in the animals water dish, and add it to the food as well. Everyday use of MedicalHemp will bring relief.

I’m about to have for cats and dogs a Hemp Base soap for damaged skin available. This product can if used consistently, heal the mange, MOST OF THE TIME! On the way to healing, the heat is soothed and cooled, giving the poor dog or cat a chance to heal, and relax from the constant scratching.

In the meantime, check who is making your dog and cat chow. Notice how many chemical companies are creating dog food. Take a hard look at what is being put into food. Human food and AnimalKind. Sometimes it’s the same corporations, and that should scare the living-hell out of you.

Because of my stand and outspokenness on Agent Orange and animal food quality, its been suggested that is why my new book, “Noble Canine” is not selling. I had plan to be in the Hemp business by now from the proceeds from book sales. It’s been a year since the book was introduced to the world and sadly, I’ve not had enough book sales to have to fill out taxes for 2019.

You can help this first-time author by buying the book. I’ve given away several 100 books. Another way to help, is by investing in my desire to create safe food for animals and safer natural healing MedicalHemp for both HumanKind and AnimalKind.

Every time you shop and use oil-based plastics to transport and store, you the consumer are helping to kill our planet. know this, and damn well understand, any oil-based plastic, used anywhere, anyway, can be made from Hemp Fibers and other vegetable fibers.

Even including, automobiles bodies, even airplanes bodies are being created using hemp fiber.

2020 to 2030 the Hemp Industry will grow by 10 Billion dollars. If I have anything to do with hemp products the number will grow by another 30 Billion in the next ten years.

I’m proud of my service to my country, my family, I loved being a protector of the United States Constitution. It’s the most important document every created to govern a society. Yeah, yeah? There was slavery. But WHITEMEN fought to free Black-Peoples for the then 1%’s who created and owned those slaves. The same 1% who still profit from CHATTEL in our current day World.

I will not set-up a 501-c-3 anything!! Hemp is a universal gift to the planet to be used to heal this planet from the ravages done by oil and chemical cartels. So? you can make a donation? and get a tax write-off? doesn’t interest me! But to the people of this planet you must understand that this earth, our Mother Earth, our home is in jeopardy of not supporting life.

The genocide of ANIMALKIND in Australia, is no accident. And AnimalKind worldwide are warning us, there very life-line, their habitats are disappearing. Wild animals are being forced to leave the wild places to eat garbage, in your backyard or landfills.

My first battle is with oil base plastics. The plastic (oil) shopping bags must be removed, period. Google-it for Christ-sake, any product made from oil can be replace by the used of Hemp fiber. I intend to build Hemp-plastics factories all-over this planet. I expect no help from governments or the 1%’s. The first Hemp Production Factory, will be built in Northeast Florida. In ten years ‘ALL OIL BASE PLASTIC WILL BE REPLACE WITH HEMP PLASTICS through-out ALL of America’, and the World.

Never again do I want to see a swiftly swollen stream, rushing by and choked with plastics of ever conceivable kind, running head long to the nearest ocean. Never do I want to see AnimalKind encased, trapped in plastic nets, or woodland animals’ heads trapped in plastic of any kind. A turtle who for his entire life has be made deformed from a plastic-can-holders from birth. You, have seen the pictures, the videos on facebook. It’s the only useful thing facebook does.

Noble Canine, P O Box 55055, Jacksonville, FL. 32216

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