Hemp will save the Planet

The Daily Rant 3/30/21

Hemp or Die!!!

I have 10 + projects that are worth over $300 trillion in new businesses. These are State of the Art, Earth Changes, new ideas about the coming age of Justice with a level playing field and with Peace in our time that is being created at this present time. So if you are a farmer and your field is no bigger than a stoop, then join me and become hemp growers and plastic/hemp bags producers and in the process to save the planet and all animalKind and humankind from extinction. There is nothing pretty about our garbage and if your fine with the never-ending increases in fees to hide our garbage under a mountain of trash, if left long enough will wreck havoc on the planets seas and lands turning more and more square miles into scarred-wastelands. Fossil based chemistry, whether it’s the packaging of goods being shipped, food products/packages, fibers/clothing, medicine/pharmakia, fuels and lubricants, every item made from oil is replaceable by using hemp. That is the goal, 100% hemp use and no percentage for oil-based chemistry. I’m not laughing, if any of you think this is some kind of joke! New Earth demands a new business model, all forms and ideas coming from hemp exploration, will be brought to market. Our startup goal is total replacement of fossil chemistry plastic bags, the kind used in groceries stores which includes all retail stores. That’s our primary market, plastics. Here is what ‘Grand View Research’ say about business as usual in the oil based bag market;

Report Overview

The global plastic market size was valued at USD 568.9 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% from 2020 to 2027. Increasing plastic consumption in the construction, automotive, and electrical and electronics industries is projected to drive the market for plastic over the forecast period. Regulations to decrease gross vehicle weight to improve fuel efficiency and eventually reduce carbon emissions have promoted the use of plastics as a substitute to metals, including aluminum and steel, for the manufacturing of automotive components. This is further expected to favor the rising demand for plastics in automotive applications over the forecast period.

My assertion to all of earths citizens, this USD 568.9 billion is The New Earths ‘start-up’ cost for clean-up and removing all oil base plastics from the marketplace, the planet and the oceans. And replacing old plastic with New Earth Plastics made 100% from hemp. That is the mission. It will be done, or mother earth will give up the spirit and life force even as diverse as the planet is, it will become extinct, lifeless, except for microbes but the eternally earth will continue its path through the cosmos but as a barren rock, our choice.

Also, I assert that gasoline is a main carrier/solution for destroying unwanted or no longer needed toxins that are created daily in thousands of Laboratories nationwide, meaning our burning fossil fuels in our automobiles is a convenient way for the oil and chemistry cartels to hide getting ride of the most volatile and dangerous chemicals created behind closed doors. The stockpiles of deadly chemicals such as the Rainbow Colors associated with the Agent Orange family of death. How much of these chemicals’ stockpiles have disappeared into our gas tanks? A lot!

Also, I assert that in four years’ time the oil and chemical cartels will mostly, disappear forever. In its place, electricity will be created where you live and where you work. It will be easy to make as much free electricity as you will need or want. Hemp products will replace oil-based plastic, anything made from plastic will disappear. Hemp will replace oil based pharmakia and chemistry and remove the horror story that is the medical cartel. All machines will be total electric, no options. Can you see it, our streets free of power poles and powerlines. No more powerplants spuing carbons into our air. No fumes from gas and diesel motors. With each step will get closer to recovering a safe planet. This is only the beginning of changes that will be affecting our lives and hemp is a bigtime healer that the planet is counting on to start the healing process for our home planet.

My assertion for industrial solutions is based on Hemp Products removing the need for oil based products which, all are poison and deadly toxins. (Rround-Up, comes to mind). So, my commitment is to all things Hemp, Cannabises and Marijuana. Hemp is an incredible food source for animals. At Noble Hemp Industries of New Earth, using Hemp to create healing soaps and oils for bad skin and rashes for both dogs and cats. Medication for improving healing from the inside out. Hemp medication for older animals for pain and discomfort. Hemp and hemp seeds for dog food. The beauty of food coming from hemp and hemp seeds will improve general health for humans and all animalKind. A new and welcome plus, is no more shopping bags going to dumps. Hemp garbage can be eaten and easily be turned into cow feed and chicken feed and food for pigs. The medical claims for healing hemp are special and a gift from the creator of all things. Moving farming in-doors may be a must for future food production. I have my eye and mind set on an former K-Mart store with a 100,000 square feet of growing area both vertical and horizonal. Eighty per cent goes to Hemp farming and twenty per cent to growing vegetables. A fully functional laboratory to discover what makes hemp a power healer. Just how many hemp products are there really? The roof will be re-enforced to hold solar panels and catch-water pools making possible total self-containment of energy and water. A factory for the creation of hemp plastic bags for shopping. My goal is that every county in these United States will have access to growing hemp and bringing hemp products to our customers. Finally, this is a worldwide effort to use hemp farming to restore the planets ability to heal itself. We live in a fractured world where most U.S. Citizens are sick, obese and dying from cancers and poor nutritional foods being forced feed to humans. The poor who live from check to check cannot afford. to eat organic. At Noble Hemp Industries the vegetable grown indoors becomes prepared foods served to whoever is hungry. I will use local labor and brains to grow the hemp culture. To my friends of the earth, there is a better way. Hemp is a game changer and means a whole new level playing field.

Jimmie Moore jimmie@moorek9.com

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