I Had a Dream, I was on the phone with Monsanto's

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

It's so quite the church mice have formed a choir. Thankfully I be a short-timer, at last

I dreamed I had talked with a sweet-talking sale woman from, of all places, Monsanto’s. She had a husky voice and in my mind’s eyes, saw her in perfect rhythm, pressing two-pound weights, and telling me I had won a contest. As my out-focused mind, focused on ‘won a contest’, I came to receive gifts, and payed close attention. She continued reading from a list of ‘things I had won’, so far, a new house on Hampton Lake, setting on twenty-acres. I won a Tesla Motor First Addition Motor-home. Fully Autonomous, an Autonomous was the actual name of the motorhome. Isn’t that compact.

I love this wrap. Great art-work. Buy "Noble Canine" at moorek9.com

I had to laugh when she read off all my medical expenses that will now be covered, just for me, by Monsanto’s. omg!?? I don’t think the VA can handle the computation. Another VA wants to cover my body in care, I’m had. This list went on and on and I could not remember if I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. Finally, she stopped, took a deep heavy breath, paused a moment, then continued own in a honey rich-throat, that was warm and soft on my ears, I was so relaxed, this has to be a dream.

As the pause continued, I begin to feel again, and my heart is racing, am I awake now? This is what I do know, Monsanto’s is paying out a lot of loot for my sorry ass, why?!

Well Mr. Moore, before we answer any of your question, we have one more winning gift for you, your own Gulfstream Continental Jet. When our company learned of the great physical difficulties you were having getting around to book signings and interviewing all over the country, and. that you hated flying in cattlecars, we decided it was our duty to honor a beloved Vietnam Veteran, help him sale a noble book, named, “Noble Canine”. Boy! Is that nice of Monsanto’s or what. Why!??

What possibly reason to waste time on 100% DAV. Why? What did I do that created such interest?

Well Mr. Moore, or would you rather I call you Airman Moore. As an Airman First Class at Phu Cat Air Base. Fifty-years ago, you became a test subject in cutting edge technology to be used against enemy troop movements. We use beautiful colors to denote usage. Your lovely color was Orange, or short for Agent Orange. We chose Orange, well because of your infinity for the fruit. Your batch of herbicide was special, created to deny the rice crop to your enemies. It worked brilliantly.

That was fifty-years ago.

Today, you’re a winner, you’ve beaten our best efforts to make you disappear. Seems Orange isn’t perfect after all. To many are living, staying alive for too long. MetaData was flawed, we had calibrated 100% kill ratio and missed it by 8%. 2,000,000 Vietnam Veterans dead by Orange. Not bad by industry standards, a good day’s work.

About the same ratio as our move into cutting edge immunization and vaccines. More miracles are coming in our food engineering development projects.

So,,, you can see Airmen Moore your service has payed you big dividends. Even though you live now, your time is a small number. ‘The Chemicals’ or ‘They’ will never allow your service to humanity to be forgotten. We at Monsanto’s number your days.

Hey wait, wait, what does number your days mean? Wait, I will never go away, but I will learn to live.

Shit! Wake me up?!?

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