Jimmie's Story, 09-29-2019

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Dragon Brigade was born Sept. 2009.

My story started 10 years ago.

I had recently been laid off from The Appraisal Firm I worked for and had just return from California, seeing an old comrade in arms from Napa. We rented a car and Vinny and I drove to Oregon to visit another comrade in arms from Amity, OR. Willie. I introduced my idea to write a book on K9 life in the U.S. Air Force. I started plowing through our collective minds and found to my horror, but not surprised, how little we remembered of 1969 Vietnam. (2009) I had my work cut out for me, and wondered if I could recall enough to write a book on the subject.

Well, I did remember and published “Noble Canine” on 05Jan19, fifty years after the fact. “Noble Canine” is a U.S. Air Force love story. Noble Canine is written by a real Vietnam Veteran.

Within days on my return home, I started falling down. Time: (2009). By the time the falling down stopped, three years later, I counted 32 times hitting the ground. I’m blessed with strong bones, the average 60/70-year-old, would not fare as well as I did.

What lay in front of me, was intense nerve pain, then my left leg began a rapid weakening as nerve pain increased. This is how the first few months played out. All of a sudden, my body begins to fall me like never before. Why? What is it? 2009 doctors are in total denial. My big fear was trying to take the next step without crashing to the ground. Usually a very-hard surface. .

At the expense of all Veterans, we suffer, we die, but doctors have the power to deny, deny. DOCTORS kind of MESSED-UP, you think!?!

Many lives where sacrificed by doctors. In the end, the V.A. is a house of death, there is no healing anywhere in its buildings. My brother Veterans, do not understand the significance of 2,000,000 dead Vietnam Veterans. The majority didn't die from old age. Wake up?

Hang on now & listen to me: War was declared on the sons and daughters of the victorious American forces, after WWII, by the forces of hate and greed, I call-em, the 1%’s. They like to be called ‘the Elite’. The 1%’s intended the destruction of all BabyBoomers, from birth until death, we boomers had to be controlled.

BabyBoomer Warriors (service-men and service-women) had to be more than just control, and a slow, painful death was created to serve that end and with it, a gross thank-you from a nation who just doesn’t care. Fuck you very much! Guilt plays its way through the American psyche. Self-hate, are creations of the 1%’s. 22 Veterans commit suicide, each and every day. Yes, the Dragon is a fierce task-master.

The fear unto 1%’s psychosis, was a Vietnam Veteran coming home, joining forces with the radical left and taking up arms against the rich. But for ‘gateKeepers’, might have happened.

Now for some politics.

Chemical Cartel pays science to create all sorts of chemical-cocktails, just too see what happens when imaginative minds are turned loose to play in labs, and create, create to their hearts content, products, with NO MARKETs.

Government steps in, an offers a hands-up and will do all it can to find and/or create markets for useless products. Earth destroying chemicals. Working like a charm.

The public is ignorant to the scams created and allowed by chemical makers who can dispose of the most destructive chemicals-toxins ever made by fostering 100’s, thousands of poison compounds, on unsuspecting people, and just to rube your nose in it, their filthy creations are left to ‘We The People’ to contend with and suffer with. (LLC-baby)

Our World, our home is dying. Agent Orange is a symptom of earths slow death. For the first time in recorded history the food you eat is poison. Thank you very much Monsanto’s, Dow, DuPont and all the rest, you’ve brought death to the whole planet. Governments protect this insane science with the Limited Liability laws and of course the Courts, enforce genocide and condom murder of the people, while protecting the global hell created by cartels (corporations) in general. Your government created Limited Liability to protect corporations from having to take responsibility for mistakes or the effects their products have on people, their health and the environment.

As the number 2,000,000 is understood as representing the death of a whole American army,,, killed by ‘nerve gas’, hopefully, you will see how big a mistake these 2,000,000 deaths are going to be. A "Black Swan" event.

How the public reacts to this crisis will be the final nail in the America coffin. Status Que will kill off freedom. When freedom dies, so goes the world. The Planet will die. The 1%’s just climb-aboard their very own, super slick sonic flyer and leave the planet and the people are left to fight to survive.

They (1%’s) make movies about this crap. The Walking Dead, comes to mind. Laughing all the way to the bank.

I made a commitment 50 years ago that I’m paying a heavy price for today . The effect of Agent Orange (nerve gas) on the body can only be described as horrifying. I am not one of those Veterans who say they would do it all over again. To the people of the Greatest Country on Planet Earth, your freedom is not worth the price of genocide.

I’m 100% disabled, not from wounds of battle, but from chemical poisoning, created intentionally to destroy all military life, either side. People need to understand how serious the 1%’s are enforcing slavery on the masses, planet-wide. I’ll not beg, but I will lay one hell of a guilt trip on each an everyone of you. Every American is guilty of genocide. You think!?

Buy "Noble Canine" at Amazon. www.moorek9.com

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