Let's write #1

Lets write; Charles Stanley the Preacher has gotten into the Hemp Business in a noticeably big way and upsetting the pharmakia cartel. The Reverend has created his own line of CBD Gummy Bears. The Pastor can’t keep up with demand, these gummy bears are that good. I don’t know about you, but this excites me. I personally use hemp products. I ingest it, smoke it, and use massive amounts of CBD for my Agent Orange complexion. I will order gummy bears from the good Pastor and give them a try. I would like to be able to give up smoking. I’ve not been able to find gummy bears that gives the same high as smoking. Now for the rest of the story; the pill pusher are feeling betrayed by a Pastor who is selling healing in a bottle called CBD. It’s big set-back to the pill pushers because this Man of God is a very popular TV Minister. This is a game changer. Another man I respect is Shaquille O’Neal who has moved into the Hemp/CBD industry. The man has a voice, a powerful voice for healing. Again, the pharmakia cartel are suing for breach of contract. Stanley and O’Neal are good people who have made their stand for truth and justice. It’s not the cartel doctors who are bring healing to the people, it is the citizens helping each other to better healing. The medical cartel and the oil cartel along with the chemical cartel is dead science and to be replaced with the healing science the way our Creator intended it, from the forest.

Lets write; For the month of March 2021, fbi records report more then four point seven million, mostly first-time buyers doing background checks. Women are the biggest group, followed by Blacks. I’m not surprised that liberals are buying weapons. Seventy-four million liberals can’t be stupid all the time. All Americans have lived through the assassination of George Floyd, the fake pandemic, fake elections and now the final straw, fake vaccines. The talking-heads are saying gun-control is over. Liberals are selling the idea that mace and stun-guns are better alternatives. I personally believe every America, including children should be trained and armed with military grade weapons. That weapon would have a lever with ‘SAFE’, ‘AUTO’ and ‘FULL AUTO’!!! Purchase of weapons and training will be part of school curriculum. bb guns for the beginners as young as first grade. Every-home will have military-grade weapons. All members of that household will be trained in its use and care of said weapon. Mandated by Constitutional Law via 2nd Amendment called Section A of the Home Guard! The National Defense medal is awarded to every man and women who enters the armed services. Its purpose is to show skill in the use and care of any weapon system issued. It’s the main reason Veterans are never discharged from our oaths to protect and defend the constitution. To defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. FYI, all women, and men who serve in the military are trained to be killers if called on. Veterans, are the protectors and the last line of defense for our Constitution with Justice for a free people and preserved for all the people but, more importantly there must be a ‘level playing field’ of equality. Final say in this RANT, as a Veteran my favorite weapon to own and use, the shotgun. 2nd., 22 rifle. People kill people not the tool. There are many tools of death and everyone has a conscientious in control. So, to put your conscience at ease, get trained. If you know how things work, then safety is always foremost in your mind and the sub-conscience is always conscience. When I went to work at night walking a Sentry Dog at Phu Cat AB, Vietnam, I carried a CAR-15 fully automatic and an equally full-automatic German Shepherd on a leash. I carried a fully loaded weapon for ten-plus hours for 360 nights. That 3600 hour, I was tied to a dog and a weapon. Here’s my point, I was scared to have that gun in my hands. Like a lot of thinking, I was going to kill myself or my dog or another dog team, or the guys in a bunker, who knows what a nineteen-year-old will do and all by accident. But after few nights legging the thing around, I adjusted and it no longer intimidated me. When you can break down your weapon, better yet, any weapon, putting it back together, cleaned, oiled ready for the range and zeroing-in the sights, etc., it becomes more then metal of death, it become a damn good friend ready for hard times. If your going to own an instrument of death, especially, with children in the house, become the gun culture. Families have a responsibility to train. Gun safety goes on automatically when you practice. For example, no bullets in the barrel except when you are sending it down range. Example, every time you pick up a weapon, clear the dang thing. When not in use and transporting, put weapon in gun case, where you know it is safely on safe. If you carry most of the time, and out in public, take pride in how you conceal the fact. You don’t want the average fool to know your armed, yeah! Some will try to take your weapon, forcing you to use it. Gunowners are not killers. Gunowner are responsible! Get the training. Oh, one last thing, with ammo being way to expensive and supposedly scarce, get a BB gun. Save your ammo! Cheap practice!!

Let’s write; Final Rant, I have Geico Car Insurance and this morning while channel surfing, I viewed their latest TV commercial, and I did not like it. The scene: A white (of course dysfunctional) family at a park having lunch, when Yogi and Bobo suddenly jump out of the woods and terrorize the campers and cause them to run in fear and dread at being mauled by animated bears who are only seeking a free meal! Some of family members climb trees, others disappeared into the forest, all the while screaming in fright. Using the social medium to induce fear is criminal. Same as shouting, ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Since the fake coronavirus was introduced to the world, a large growing group of people live in fear. This TV commercial is ‘speak-think’, Orwellian mind control propaganda. As innocence as these lovable cartoon caricatures are the message of fear is at its root. The message is cute and like the piped piper of old, Yogi and Bobo will get the attention of your children. Children are imprisoned in the federal school non-education system are still required to ware masks and submit to temperature scan every morning. Children wearing mask every school day endangers student’s health. Google teen suicide. Fear is the goal of this insane policy. Geico is tricking us. Geico is an Agent of Fear. I need a different insurance company!

Jimmie Moore, 6/6/21.

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