My Fight to Live!!!

How I changed into another lifestyle.

I want to live, and I want to be healthy. That is why I’m taking baby steps, learning about fruits and vegetable, grains and nuts, one at a time and raw.

Well, now you know why? “How I Changed into another Lifestyle”, is most definitely A WORK IN PROGRESS. Until I picked up from where I left off, I had not been aware that it had been 30 days plus+ a day since my last post. That long? October and Halloween are the perfect month to show how lazy I am. Really!

My beloved, Virginia, got me three avocados. We ate one avocado at dinner one night, the other two dried up and probable rotted. Is this content flaky or what?!! But the last 31 days was not a total disaster. Eating more at home. The fake pandemic showed me how few eating places there are in Jacksonville. Unlike a real knock-you-on-your-ass hurricane, man when the lights go out, you better have something to eat at home. When lights go out, they will not all come back on at the same time. There is one Hardee’s open, one Wendy’s open, two McDonalds are open, and the lines to long. I could go on and on, enough to say I appreciate Mega’s Pizzeria.

But, on the plus side, I joined Planet Fitness, for just $10.00 bucks a month. And to my surprise and utter joy, I am loving the gym. Doing much better making daily workouts then with my diet of vegetables. ‘Grasshopper’ is not pleased!!!

Why would I care enough for Vietnam Veterans to make my life an open book? To admit my failure to stick to the diet. One reason only, IT’S NOT EASY!!!

I intend to heal this body. I intend to put Agent Orange in its place, locked away forever, in some equally dark corner of my mind.

I joined the gym about two weeks ago, and I’m loving it. I am getting stronger all over. Strength is slowly increasing in my nerve and muscle ravaged body and, as I grow stronger, my steadiness on my feet gets better. Now to get everything working together at the same time and keep it going.

Another success was getting the list of supplements, suppliers and what they were for, into a words document for posting.

As a reminder, I went from 28 pills daily, mostly for pain, cold turkey to only one, a blood pressure pill. Not smart, maybe, but I put my faith and trust in our creator to heel me. No matter how overweight, even unto grossness, no matter how many drugs you are consuming, no matter that all you eat is carbs and meat, the body will heal itself, if you feed the correct nourishment, drink half your weight in pure water, and go to the gym, I guarantee you, everyone one of you, listen to me, I Jimmie Moore guarantees your healing, and turning your world totally up-side-down. Men, you must ‘man-up’, the same way you did the job in Vietnam. Most of us are in our seventies, (less than 500,000 living Vietnam Veterans), most, are just barely able to carry on. There are men who have no issues from Agent Orange, and the few I have encountered, are generally not overweight, take little if any medication. The more active Veterans have fewer problems. A retired police officer friend who served with me in Vietnam has had no problems and is physical fit. He took up playing the drums and playing gigs with several different bands. The only bad news was a daughter who had skin rash and doctors didn’t have a clue, no thanks to the VA.

What I’m doing here is providing a simple how-to, not only to just survive, so you can lock yourself up in a box, No!!!Much better, freedom to live, to do things you haven’t been able to do in years. Invest in nourishing food, pure water, and $10 bucks at planet fitness, and start the clock. But get moving, it can only get harder. There is nothing cool about a couch-potato!!!

The List

Premier Research Labs – Nutrition that really works

Open Source, Vegetarian capsules, Pure Vegan, no added Stearates

Start Date: 4-2018

1. Thyro Ven – Premier Detoxification and Thyroid Support

2. Premier Chem Detox – Cleansing and Enzyme Support

3. Pancre Ven – Pancreas and Healthy Blood Sugar Support

4. Cere Ven – Comprehensive Brain Support for Mental Performance, Concentration, and memory

5. Premier HCL – Betaine Hydrochloride – Premier Digestive Support

6. Digestase – Multi Enzyme and Digestive Support

7. Tyrosine Matrix – Neurotransmitter Support – Stress Support

8. Meg O7 – The Ultimate Oxygenating Cleanser Support

9. Nattokinase

10. Paratosin – Premier Gastrointestal and Immune Support

11. Medi-Clay – FX – Premier Calcium Bentonite Clay -Promotes Whole Body Detoxificztion

12. Coral Legend – Whole Body Support – bones, joints

13. Premier Nutritional Flaker – Rich in B Vitamines

14. Gastro Ven – Nutraceutical Stomach Enzyme Formula – Premier Stomach and Digestive Support

15. Premier HCL Activator – Promotes Digestive and Whole Body Health

16. Colostrum – IgG - Premier Immune and Stamina Support

17. Aller Caps – Healthy Inflammatory and Immune Support

18. Twin Labs Magnesium – Full Range Amino Acid Chelate

19. Para Stat – Premier Intestinal Support and Cleansing

20. Premier Psyllium Fiber – Promotes Bowel Regularity

21. Chanca Piedra – Supports Kidney, Gail Bladder and Liver Health

22. Premier Digest – Full Spectrum Digestive Support – for Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Dairy

23. Blue bonnet – Betaine HCI plus Pepsin – Digestive Health Formula

24. Nutra Care – B Plex Pro – Methylated Mthfr – B-Complex formula

25. Standard Process – Cataplex B

26. Standard Process – Cataplex G

27. Integrative 1-28-19 – Detoxication Factor

28. Karuna – 1-28-19 – B-Plex – High Potency B-Complex with Phosphorylated B-6

29. Klaine Labs – 1-28-19 – Nattokinase NSK-SD – Enzyme Supplemental

30. Bluebonnet – Niacin

31. Alpha – Lipoic Acid

32. Integrative Therapeutics – Detoxication Factor

33. Pure Detox Pack – Neuro Pure – Micro Defense with Oregano – Motil Pro

34. Loins Mane – Memory and Nerve Health

35. My Generation – 1200 mg – Broad Spectrum drops - Hemp

36. Ready Sorb – Methyl B-12 spray

37. Lisinopril (VA) Blood Pressure

38. Pure – 4-20-20 - Neuro Pure – Supports Emotional Neurocognitive and Behavioral Health

39. Professional Formulas – Parathyroid Complex

40. Professional Formulas -Endocrine Complex

41. Premier Xeno Stat – Advanced Thyroid and Hormone Support

42. Premier – Cardio Ven with CoQ10 – Cardiovascular

43. Premier – PQQ Complex – Antioxidant, Cardiovascular and Cognitive Support

44. Pure – Matil Pro – Gut Support

45. Premier – N-Acetyl-Cysteine Blend – Detoxification, Liver and Antioxidant Support

46. Professional Formular – Bone Marrow (drops)

47. Professional Formula – Kidney / Prostate / Adrenal (drops)

48. Professional Formula – Liver / Gall Bladder (drops)

49. Premier pH Mineral – Promotes Whole Body Mineral Health

“Noble Canine, Search for the Edge.” Is available on Amazon and bookstores.

Last, I’m raising the funds for a eleven day return visit to Wildwood. Should you help me win victory over Agent Orange?!!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

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