New Earth: My Awakening


I’ve never been called a ‘treeHugger”. I’ve never joked about ‘motherNature”. As a ‘boyScout”, once a month for the five years I Scouted, we went camping, somewhere. I highly recommend the handbook. Read it ‘once” and your life changes. But lately, I’m talking to the trees, especially the Japanese Plumb Tree in the front yard. Setting on my back porch during a rainstorm I had my first ‘awakening”. Induced, I’m sure by my renewed use and enjoyment of ‘MARIJUANA”, after thirty plus years, not enjoying the weed. The ‘MARIJUANA” was like nothing I had smoked in the past, pre 1986. 2018, That’s when I took smoking weed up. I had never ingested anything as powerful as this bag of grass turned out to be. Kicked my butt. And I had a new love. Three or four times I got high on this first bag of dope and by the fourth time, I had an ‘awakening”. I Love the rain, and I enjoy setting on the porch and being involved with all that is going on in the atmosphere during a storm. In Vietnam, I sent 90 days, 3 Months, mostly wet. Monsoon in SEA is a total bitch. Sentry Dogs Endeavor to Persevere. So, between Florida and Phu Cat Air Base I like thunder and lightning and rain. I know I’m beating around the bush, but talking about ‘awakening”, well, doesn’t come easy. So, I will write my story, nice and easy, and by the time I finish, you will know, I’m more than a ‘treeHugger”.

All this background to say this: I was so high that my mind and my heart ‘mind-mail’d”. My spirit was imprinted with thoughts, ideas and words. My mind became a screen, and the pictures that flash on that screen where filed away. If you have any ‘newEarthConsciencness”, You know what I saw! So, what does it mean with ‘THE END” of the old-World order? What does ‘no more oil”, bottom-line mean.

This was what I was shown, Hundreds of thousand of well-heads that puncture the surface, most for miles and miles deep and a casing of steel to line the hole so the oil ‘forever” will want to travel to the surface. The oil has somewhere to go in this process, as long as we drive gas-guzzlers. When oil is finally band, shut down, replaced, the oil has no place to go. Do you think the humans who created big-oil give-a-flip about environmental damage done to our ‘homeWorld”. ‘our OnlyWorld”? Realize there will be huge problems when oil floods up to the surface, everywhere there is a puncture in the ground. The oil industry will use band aids and convince politicians of the safety of the industry.

Why am I being shown these imagines? Thousands and thousands of imagines, similar to what’s going on in the ‘oilCartel”. More pictures, The ‘chemicalCartel” is dead science. Dow, DuPont, Monsanto and the rest, poisoned a whole generation of babyBoomer” Vietnam Veterans and the citizens of Vietnam with a soup called, Agent Orange. Victims of this holocaust number around 2 million dead GI’s, growing daily. Veteran Organizations are having difficulty providing a four-man ‘color-guard for their meetings.

Between these two cartels the planet has lost the ability to provide animal habitats and producing enough food and water for all of earth-Inhabitants, humans included. Just to feed humanKind will require growing food in-doors. ‘animalKind” is dying. New Earth Citizens must move quickly, just to save a very small number of species. Bottom-line, must of ‘animalKind” will disappear in the next ten-years.

My minds screen was tuned into a frequency that opened my ears and eye to human suffering. As I tuned into the sounds of crying souls worldwide, I felt the pain of needs and wants of the invisible. But I was shown what must be done. Not band-aids, but solutions. There is NO SITUATIONAL PROBLEM on the planet without a solution. Similar to, there are Herb for every Disease, but you have to clear the “ama” out of the way.

I was ask by Mother Earth to work for the restitution of planet earth. Most will not consider the warning given of two generations to turn this whole mess around and save the lives of all inhabitants. Planet earth will survive, no problem there, will man and animal survive, that’s the question?

Jimmie Moore

Author and Imaginator

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