No Phu Cat Tonight?! 01-28-2019

What's Going on with "Noble Canine"?!

The book was published on 01-05-2019.

I received my first-ever shipment of fifty books. Gave them all away! The face on a really-young police-officer justified the intent of 'the giving' and I really felt great. I mailed off 23 copies to friends all over the country. It was like a boulder being lifted from my back, meaning, I was finally able to produced a real live book, instead of a new publishing date every time you saw me coming. I have a stack of three books left, setting on a shelf, and wonder where the all went?!

I drove a copy of Noble Canine to a friend in Gainesville. When I left my friends house I decided to drive around Gainesville proper and check out the school, I have found memories of the place. After an hour or so, I was hungry and stopped at a family restaurant named 'The Clock', on main street. They make a succulent, club sandwich.

As I seated myself an older couple with a grand-son in tow followed me in and took the booth right behind me. He wore a worn Vietnam Veteran ball cap that said 'combat veteran' on it, and I got the idea of gifting this unsuspecting Veteran with a copy of "Noble Canine"!

"Oh no, no, I can't read about Vietnam, no thank you, I can't! But thank you for the offer!

I humble my head and apologized as I returned to my table were I enjoyed, a fine Turkey Club.

It embarrassed me to have my noble book refused. But as I ate and calmed down, I wondered if he was 'showboating' in front of his grandson. Then, is he even a Vietnam Veteran. I didn't like where this was going so I backed off the negativity. And I took what the man said as a hard fact of life. A lot of Veterans suffer quietly. I suffered quietly when Agent Orange tried to take me out.

I set thinking, I will never know his story, and that was sad. I saw in the eyes of his grand-son, nothing but love. Come to think of it, this boy was a great grandson. I forgot my age. Not such a bad thing to do!?

Noble Canine is available at Amazon. Enjoy!

Never understood the bulldog in this picture?

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