Noble Canine the Movie 7-29-19

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

When I tell people that I will need $50 Plus Millions to produce the rights to the movie base on my best seller "Noble Canine", well, their eyes cross and go deep into the brain. In this day and age, everything is totally possible. So!Yes!!InDeed!!! I am totally prepared to imagine, create and invent "Noble Canine The Movie". Opening night, at The Florida Theater in Starke, Florida.

I created this movie fifty years ago walking, first-line of defense at Phu Cat Air Base,,,"Where others feared to tread, Canine walked alone"! In my minds-eye I have watched and re-watched the movie many times. I've had fifty-years to settle-in.

Last month I visited a German Shepherd Rescue Service in Florida. Miraculously, all fifty-four dogs where in foster-care homes, and housed until each dog was rescued. This is happening more and more as the immature are finding they have bitten off more than they bargained for, and most will abandoned these Noble Canine. It is the lucky German Shepherds that make it to a rescue shelter, before their last stop, at a pound. German Shepherds are high maintenance CANINES. And when the ignorant abuse the privilege of pet ownership, animalKind always pays with suffering. So finding fifty-four young German Shepherds who are being made available for training, the Air Force Way, who will be the stars of their very own movie. This is a most important big deal,,, dogs and now to get them all trained.

I first approached (FSP) the Florida State Prison at Raiford. Spoke with the Assistance Warden about using prisoners as dog handlers and instructors to train 30-50 German Shepherds. FSP doesn't train dogs, at all. But Lawtey Correctional Facilities in Lawtey does.

I made a quick bee-line of about 15 miles to Lawtey, FL. I introduce myself and give them a copy of my book,"Noble Canine", which is a 'quick-reference script, for the Movie, "Noble Canine".

LCI takes in fighting Pit Bulls rescued from the fight ring.

The dogs are housed with inmates, sleeping in the same room, a dog and a handler. I have never felt prouder of a 'breed' then that day, at a Prison, where 'pitbulls' are treated as Noble Creatures. Talk about a second chance in life, for a breed, people love to hate. My heart was full.

I gave the staff a copy of "Noble Canine", and let them know that I intended the book being produced into a movie. Telling them, I have just recently secured 50+ dogs who will go through about a hundred days of training at the prison in Lawtey. Kennels, classroom , and exercise area will be provided for, along with veterinary service. Inmates as trainers is a good-fit for the State and a way to salvage un-discipled dogs, making it easier to find homes for these animals. 'O' KILLING of ANIMALS is the goal.

The new dog kennels to be built at Lawtey Correctional Institution will be enclosed and air conditioned.

In two days I have been able to move the wheels of progress and German Shepherds and their teachers and handlers have been secured. Now to get State paperwork started and completed. This is one of many first steps on the way to a full-blown movie-set. I'm hoping to utilize inmates as actors. Training will be documented and marketed.

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