Oil is Dead

From a blog post at moorek9.com 03/18/21

With gas prices trying to hit $3.00 a gallon, where do oil producers get off raising prices while the decline of oil usage is at its lowest level since the first oil well was drilled way back in Pennsylvania. All over the world there is just too much oil setting in storage.

In Montana and Texas producers are laying off employees. Marathon Petroleum is turning off the values. I’m I the only one who see something a little too fishy with America’s suddenly energy independence and becoming the largest oil exporter in the world both at the same time. America isn’t supposed to have any oil and now, we are number one oil exporter! How? I was born in 1948, and for seventy-two years all I’ve heard about gasoline from oil companies was scarcity. In the late 1970’s dozens and dozens of tankers sit off the coast of California and you could, if you lived in Long Beach, and I did at the time, you could drive your car to the top of Signal Hill and looking westward, see with the naked eye, ships just sitting and waiting. Waiting on what? For oil prices to go up! I started driving in the middle sixties when gas sold for thirty cents a gallon. I’ve always said any price for gas over thirty cents is stealing. I still believe that today. I’m talking about oil, but I’ll give you another example of LL-Corporations screwing us, and this happened to me while I was still in the Air Force. While in Vietnam I saved enough money to buy a 62 VW bug, about $800. I was stationed in New Jersey and made my first thousand-mile trip. Late one night, I had to drive off base to a missile site, when I turned off the main road to the main gate, and as I straightened the car up, this deer the size of a buffalo hit the front on my pour old VW. Trunk is in the front of a bug, and it was crushed flat and cracked the window. No injuries. It drove OK so next morning I got it in the shop to be repair. The rest of the story; after getting the car back, it looked great, but it never run right again. I traded the 62 in for a 71. You want believe the price, $2250.00. Including a sunroof for $150.00. Here is where the greed comes in. A few years later, sometime in the seventies, VW the company decides it is not going to sale the VW Bug in America. Again, about twenty-years later VW the company RE-INTRODUCES THE NEW AND IMPROVED VW Bug and at a hefty price of over $35,000. It only took one generational cycle for the consumers memory to be washed clean and to except this inflated over priced new bug. Then, business as usual. In both examples the consumer is fleeced. Gas at $2.81 a gallon is robbery! I have nothing positive to say about the oil cartel. It’s a nasty business. One hundred and fifty years later, the planet is damaged to the point of not being able to maintain animal habitats. The price of seafood is about to spike upwards from mega-canneries over-fishing the seas. Nature has been beaten-up by all the drilling and mining and even deforestation/logging. Life as it is now will probably disappear. Living under a doom might be in our future. In the future our food will be grown indoors because the land cannot produce anything except weeds without chemicals. As animalKind leaves the wilderness in search of food you will see more wild things eating your garbage. Because of big oil, our ground water is being polluted. As oil companies’ infrastructure begins to deteriorate and crumble and more and more oil is reaching the surface all of ground water will be made useless. Drinking water for all living things on the planet will have to be taken directly from the air and the sea. This government of ours, who created limit liability corporations, will not stand in the way as big oil divest, take the money, and run leaving planet earth in a life-threatening emergency. Of course, the expensive cleanup will be paid for by the taxpayer. The environmental emergency is real, and we have two generation in which to act. As more oil wells begin to leak from deteriorating steel casings, oil reaching the surface, will turn the planet into a wasteland and the earth will become hostile to living things. We had better hope Elon Musk has a better idea. Space X isn’t prepared to export seven billion people!

Crude oil producer and pipeline companies have a total debt of $209 billion. It’s like ignoring the writing on the wall, oil is dead, and all things Tesla is life. It’s just that simple. Be prepared for the government to bail out these mammoths’ corporations. Then the government will allow the oil companies to escape any responsibility for cleaning up there hundred-plus years of environmental damage. We the people must get a handle on just how destructive Limited Liability Corporations can be. The oil companies own the top spot, closely followed by the chemical corporations.

I laugh at media talking heads not understanding why there is an oil glut and then trying to blame this fake pandemic for $10.00 a barrel oil price. The planet welcomes the end of the oil slavery and I bloody well welcome the end of the oil terror. I demand governments all over the planet to prepare for massive environmental damage and cleanup caused by deteriorating infrastructure. How do oil companies intend to solve this crisis? They don’t? We the people will be forced to pick up the tab, as usual.

But make no mistake fellow earthlings, oil is dead, the gas guzzling automobile industry is dead, the thousands upon thousands of products made from crude oil chemistry is also dead. That means all things made from plastics must end as well as oil-based chemistry for medication. There is a planet-wide disaster coming to a neighborhood near you. This time the life force of mother-earth is at stake.

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