OMG the Rain 04-08-2019

Phu Cat AB ReVisited
I Love the rainy night!
"Well I love the rainy night, I love the rainy night, I love to hear the thunder: Watch the lightning when it lights up the sky. You know it makes me feel good." Eddie Rabbit
Monsoon arrived with a roar!
Our Noble Canine had descent quarters, and stayed dry. I keep a towel in Juniors kennel to dry him off after surviving the many long nights of monsoon.
Our lives would never be the same.

I saw a fb page recently by someone who had been stationed at Phu Cat AB talking about the 17 straight days of rain. I wrote about the long stretches of rain, 17 straight days and nights of downpour, in "Noble Canine", it's a fact. It happened several times in my year at The Cat.

When it rains this many days without let-up, you never dry out. For days you go to work at night in wet fatigues. Nothing dries out. On post, your either freezing to death or burning up from being under a nylon poncho. I remember during moments of 'no-rain', I quickly pulled the rain-gear over my shoulders, like a cape, to cool my overheated body with some fresh air on my naked chest.

While I'm cooling off, enjoying the rain-free breeze, Junior is also out from under the poncho, stretching and peeing. His nose is in the air, I can see the fur moving with the wind, like waves, across his body, his ears following his nose. With each gust of wind one or both ears would lay down, flat against his head, spring-up and start their search again, following the nose.

"Well I love a rainy night, It's such a beautiful sight, I love to feel the rain On my face, Taste the rain on my lips, In the moonlight shadow." Eddie Rabbit

I didn't know if Junior was just enjoying the strong winds, like me, or maybe he took this moment to clear the area out in front of us, you know! do a little security check. If I had time before the rains returned, Junior and I would clear the post as best we could, with special attention to the fence-line out front of us.

Nope, not this time. Before Junior finished drinking all his water, before we had a chance to clear our mud-soaked post, the rains, returned. When its raining so hard you can't see a thing, can't stand and can't walk a straight line if your life depended on it, and the endless rhythm of raindrops bouncing off your helmet and poncho, all you can do is hunker-down. To move around is to fall-down, so we handlers and dogs, both climb under the poncho and waited for the next break in the downpour.

Here's a visual for you to considered: Just imagine going to work, in a downpour. Its rains buckets all night, you mount the pick-up trucks in the same downpour. It never stops raining. Its like this, 24/7.

"Well, I love the rainy night, it's such a beautiful sight, I love to feel the rain On my face, Taste the rain on my lips, In the moonlight shadow." Eddie Rabbit
I managed to keep Junior mostly dry, except for the feet.

When we got caught walking our post and the rains started up again, Junior would be drenched, soaked to the bone. Every once in a while he would start to shiver, and I would give him a hard rubbing-down, until he stopped shacking.

Weather is funny in the Central Highlands, twenty-five miles from the ocean and surrounded by hills, but big hills. Big enough to hide a lot of people.

We've acclimated to the intense heat of SEA.
I took this image in front of my house in Florida. Nothing to do with rain, just a beautiful sunset!
Now comes Monsoon Season and the temperature drops as much as 20 and 30 degrees.

During dry season the daily-daytime temperatures can easily be a 100+ degrees. The more it rains the cooler it gets. Monsoon was the most miserable I have ever been in my life. On top of everything, I had nightly nose-bleeds from excessive sneezing. Three straight months of this unholy-hell. Charlie, the enemy, he's home and snuggles his bride. He's warm and smiles, thinking about America Airmen working on such a nasty night. We never got hit while it was raining, but we showed up each and ever-night and secured the base. That was the mission.

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