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Phu Cat Re-Visited 07-15-1969

We did get hit in July and America landed on the Moon and I turned 20 years old.

So July was excitement month. Looking up all night at a full moon, trying with the naked-eye to locate the spacecraft. We had nothing better to do, so tracking the spacemen in space, on the moon was damn exciting. Several times during long nights, sometime a star would cross the sky would light up a line, a pathway. But one night, no moon! and scattered clouds, in other words pitch-black, nothing but star-light. But the sky turned a ruby green as the giant star flies parallel to the ground and the length of the horizon and just kept right on going. In my imagination I was under attack by Martians in War of the Worlds. The green ray did not find me that night.

It was common for dog-teams to work, on average 90 days, before getting a night off.
This is AIC Thomas Mahoney. We went to dog school together, one of the nine! Excellent handle!r.

All that time (3600 hours) spent observing, everything. One of the first things I in-countered, that was strange to me, the only lights you saw at night was Air Force. There was a village next to the base, and not a light to be seen. But, from this small village came a base barber shop employee who would die on the fences, in July.This guy cut my hair, and messed with my dreams. Good riddance and so to, my dreams of him left me. In my book, "Noble Canine" this Viet-Cong is given more space. The next time Phu Cat would be attacked would be almost six complete months, January 4th 1970. twice hit that early morning and a new twist, rockets hit the base

There are two future post's that are on my mind. First, Law Enforcement & Justice, second, Our Flag. I'm taken the easy way out and decided to start with The Nations Flag and let Police simmer for a while.

The Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, the red white and blue, I don't call the flag by any of these names, its always been the flag.

I remember our Elementary School didn't have a flag pole and by six grade, I was asked to help dedicate the new flag pole by raising the first flag ever. Even at 12 years of age my Scout training gave a military crispness and bearing to the event. I had just won my Eagle Scout award and truthfully, I was feeling sharp in uniform! Its always been important that when in uniform I look my best. So two Scouts, in uniform raise the first ever flag at Starke Elementary School, seeing uniforms at a flag raising, made for a solemn occasion.

Buy the time I enlisted in the Air Force, I knew all about 'flag protocol & etiquette', and it has stayed with me all these years. In the Air Force, there where a few strange occurrences; like for instance, at 5:00 pm sharp, seven days a week, the flag was retired for the night. If you are in your car, headed for the gate and home, but, first you stop in the middle of the street, get out and stand at attention, facing the flag, whether you can see it or not, doesn't matter, hand salute, as another day of military life come to an end. Another strange encounter was at the base theater, and having to stand, at attention while the Anthem was being played before the first previews could begin. I don't know, but I was a little embarrassed by having my date stand-up. These two examples of odd-ball stuff, is not odd at all in the military, it's down-right normal. Its grows on you, stays with you forever.

Symbols are created to worship!

Busy people don't put much if any focus at all, on the flag. Most people in the World are indifferent to patriotism, military-anything and not concerned about troops. Cost of doing business. We Veterans, or this Veteran, forgets sometimes how this world is so starved for peace, justice, abundance and prosperity. So much wealth goes first, into creating the latest war, but the wealth being created while millions die, is insane. For every dollar invested in war, a million dollars is created. And the bodies pile-up, both civilians and troops.

Yes! Humanity is flat tired of being pawns.

People are weary of calamity, as a means to create income streams for governments, and the 1%'s. Veterans shouldn't be surprised at the open hostilities. You were once very sick of war, desperate to escape from the effects of death. In our organizations, we honor the flag as the flag of the Vietnam War, a symbol. Under this symbol, we worship and build memorials to the dead, with plenty of over-kill when it comes to displaying the flag.

All this death, all this glory for the dead, the dead, the dead! the plane! the plane!...
Can we live, for a change? and honor 'the rest of the story'. Our beautiful flag stands for so much more, then, just being buried under the colors. Our flag still offers hope, even in today's world, people are deeply suspicious of America's intent. The Flag, my flag is a symbol of hope to a starving world. Under the flag, 'We the People', have a huge responsibility being a beckon of hope, freedom, justice and a level playing field. That's the flag I honor!!
I wonder why most Vietnam Veterans don't read?
I find it very sad when people never pick up a book. Veterans should support Writers and Authors who served in Vietnam. There are not that many who get their stories published. So, it's OK to support the craft. Support the Warrior Artist. Find your voice,,,write!!!
As far as my book, "Noble Canine" is concerned, I have specific ideas to suggest to my fans. Start off, buying 10 copies to give away to friends, who repeat the above step with their friends, who then, buy ten copies and give away to their friends. Give "Noble Canine" away! etc. This scheme will moves across the country, coast to coast, building momentum, so... that by Christmas, or 25DEC2019, "Noble Canine" will declare sales of a million copies. and that's just OK by me. May we live long enough to enjoy success. Up7-20-19dated

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