Our Progeny, Who Stands for Them

Your truly blessed. Me, likewise blessed. Most Veterans are denied there due. I have a retired Navy man-neighbor, lost 50+% lungs. Why? Working, overhauling ships, The VA denied him his rights to justice and far play. This is ramped in the Veteran Community. Because I can not work, I have a 100% rating. I'll tell all you Veterans something, this small chicken-shit pension the VA bestowed on me, does not buy my silents. Its not even a down-payment. If you have buried friends because Agent Orange took their lives to damn early, especially if you are receiving financial assistance, then stand. For Truth, Justice and the American Way. 2,000,000 Vietnam Veterans are dead, and still the pain and the suffering of chemical poisoning is lived behind close doors, closed lives. I'm tired of being the 'wiped boy', the 'scapegoat', for lying government, lying medical cartel, lying VA and that goes double for lying military. Who? dear Veteran, will stand with our wives and children. When their are not enough Vietnam Veterans for a descent color guard, who stand for the left-behind!!!Don't you know dear Veteran? Agent Orange is found in 2nd, 3rd and now 4th generations children. Who in hell's name will stand for our progeny?

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