Death of a Nation 07-02-2019

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Phu Cat Re-visited 07-02-1969

I will deviate for a moment and tell you about my visit to a local chapter meeting of the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America). My first meeting of 2019. One of the speakers was from an organization known as ‘Concerned Veterans for America Foundation and two representatives who were both veterans, spoke on the new effort by the VA, called, VA MISSION Act. I was bored out of my mind, just more hot-air and bullshit.

July 4th 2019

July 2 1969, in a very short time Phu Cat Air Base gets hit again. Same old MO, sappers, coming through what little fence line there was, and it might have slowed them down but not much and not for long. So far K9 proved its worth as first responders. But Phu Cat was turning out to be a very quite assignment. As long as the night skies allowed it our aircraft were in the air. Everyday and every night Phu Cat AB was a busy place! The Air Force was in control of a good size valley of rice paddies. Security Forces could bring a lot of fire-power, but from the air, there was ten times the fire-power, circling, and on several levels, as in fixed wing flying higher, with 'Spooky' and choppers in the air, under neigh, standing by. Ready to fight, anxious to pick-a-fight!

I'll have to look up the date of the attack, there is an interesting twist of events and if you've read my book "Noble Canine" you already know what went down. Stay tuned.

July 4th 2019

I will deviate again, for a moment and tell you about my visit to a local chapter meeting of the VVA. My first meeting of 2019. One of the speakers was from an organization known as ‘Concerned Veterans for America Foundation’ and two representatives who were both veterans, spoke on the new effort by the VA, called, VA MISSION Act.

Sorry, just more fluff for us dummies to try and sort-out. The VA is a ghost town when it comes to leadership. Don’t confuse VA with HEALING, oxymoron, to say the least.

The VVA served great BBQ to about 20 or so souls.

Got informed about the AGENT ORANGE TOWN HALL meeting in August, I had already signed up for this meeting. Then I was informed about a BREAKFAST WITH OUR HEROES, at Applebee’s also in August.

During this meeting of Vietnam Veterans, nothing was said about Agent Orange during the Mission Act talk, I was handed a leaflet about the Town Hall meeting, and a small mention about Agent Orange during this meeting. Finally, heard the bad news of another recent death and another Vietnam Veteran was in the hospital, and not expected to live.

Dying like flies! The Walking Dead! Not much on conversation when it comes to Agent Orange. Another funeral, another color guard, 21-gun salute, and taps and go home, take your meds., and wait your turn to die. By all means suffer in silent and shut-up. Sarcasm!OK?

At this meeting I saw something else, scarier, the Walking Dead, knew they were dead fish. You could see it in their eyes. Empty Betrayal.

Its been six months since I attended a meeting, and this meeting was 50% smaller. This time there was no color guard. To many have died. The last thought of the night concerned what’s? to become of the VIETNAM VETERANS of AMERICA organization when there are not enough veterans to have a meeting.

My thoughts; If you change the name, then the Vietnam War will disappear from history, is assured. Same as Pearl Harbor disappears from history.

How could we allow the murderers of 2 million Vietnam Veterans to get away with this GENOCIDE? This is murder!!

I made a small contribution to the meeting by announcing my intention to interview surviving spouses of Agent Orange victims. I what to hear from the Brides of Vietnam Veterans. I know what they have lived through!

July 1st was our 47th wedding anniversary. The last ten years of our lives together has been taken over by Agent Orange and surviving. Thankful, Virginia!!

I am glad I attended this VVA meeting. Good People, Good Food. But, I must say the life force is being suck out of the organization.

Something else bothering me. I feel a sadness coming over me as I realize our days are numbered and shortened. But I am far to mad to set still, be still and ‘shut up’! Not going to happen! Vietnam Veterans, must stand!

What the chemical cartel as well as the oil cartel have done over the last 100 years is systemically destroyed Earth's ability to provide habitats for it creation, and AnimalKind is starving and leaving the wildness of home and ending up in towns and cities all over the world, eating our garbage. With Chemical GMO’s invading our food supply, natural farming will die, if not stopped. Earth is threatened. Our home is threatened. It's all the same

I feel it is our duty as Veterans and as victims of mass chemical poisoning to stop big oil and big chemical poisoning every thing they touch or this planet will die.

Sooner or later we victims of Agent Orange are going to have to face the fact, that leadership in Veterans Organization betrayed Vietnam Veterans to the ravages, the suffering, the horror of death by the government created Agent Orange.

We are sick and old, not dead! There is much that we can do, there is nobody else. We must except responsibility for the survival of planet Earth. Two generations or 50 years, time is short. Must act.

I look at this picture and wonder how I got away with the hair and side-burns, and that thing under my lip, beats all I ever saw. But damn, I - LOOK - GOOD!

Seems the enemy waited until monsoon season was over to attack the base

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