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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

To much Garbage

What would it take to clear away all the litter along our highways and be able to keep the streets forever clean? Think about that the next time you see a busted open plastic bags of garbage being blown helter-skelter along your streets. In our own neighborhoods you can find thoughtless people who think nothing about accidently or on purpose dumping of trash. I’ve been in line at McDonalds and people in front of me are throwing half empty cups of coffee and soda on the ground, even in front of staff working the drive thru. Sometimes cars deposit old food and drinks as they wait in line for their new orders, and I must drive over fries and chicken bones. So, I’m looking for solutions to all the garbage. How do we make it go away? I want to show you something that will open your eyes to how bad litter is on the planet. If you live in my city, Jacksonville. The Florida one, take a ride down Atlantic Blvd and turn left on Girven Road headed due north. Somewhere along this road is a Mountain of Trash. It’s been ten years since I last viewed it. But it’s still there and it covered in green grass with exhaust pipes to relieve pressure from the interior gas build up. Sometime the gases are burned off, sometime but rarer the gases are piped to do useful work. Most gases created in trash mountains are combinations of all sorts of solvents to chemicals, car batteries to rotting meat, even dead animals end up in landfills. It’s an incredible toxic environment. Nearby homes and apartments and builders where sold on the rubberized matting used to keep waste material from entering the ground. These mats work for a while but with bulldozers moving dirt to cover the evidence, the matting will break down, crack and now there is right-of-way for some of the nastier chemical compounds to mix it up with drinking water. Rotting meat. Remember how dead animals small. I still remember going under our neighbors’ home, shovel in hand to retrieve a dead cat. That ozz is leaking into ground water. For every 1,000 pounds of solid waste collected statewide in 2006, 240 pounds ends up being recycled somehow, according to state estimates. So in my own opinion there is a way to not only clean up endless mountains of paper and plastic waste but to be rid of oil based plastic on the planet and replace them with Hemp based plastic. That’s right Hemp! Any product that is based on fossil carbons must be replaced with hemp technology. Hemp will go a long way in relieving the need for more and more landfills. Hemp plastic breaks down faster than oil base plastic. Hemp plastic is animal friendly because hemp is a food source. We’ve all seen the picture of a turtle trapped in a coke can holder since birth and the turtle grows into adulthood forever deformed. So the life of this turtle is spent dragging around a plastic jailhouse that never goes away, and unless humans intervene and remove the poor beast from plastic slavery, he will most likely die with a plastic coke holder deforming its shall. The oceans are nasty with our pollution. Styrofoam is dangerous because some fishes think the tiny balls of Styrofoam are food. It’s slow death! Hemp is a game changer in many ways! It’s a food source and user friendly and no danger to sea life because it degrades and breaks down quickly. When I see whales wrapped up in fishing line and netting and who have no choice but to live with it until a good Samaritans arrives and finally cut the animal free from its enslavement. This hurts my very soul to see so much of animalKind affected by plastic. Everything made from oil carbons can be replaced with a comparable hemp product. Everything! Unless we invest in replacing oil based plastics with Hemp fiber plastic the planet will continue to choke to death. Animals on the land and in the seas will continue to be trapped in our waste. Hemp products can go along way in reducing everyday trash and the threat it imposes on all living things. Again, the chemical and oil cartels have done a worldwide disservice to all living things on the planet. Our oceans, rivers and lakes are being destroyed faster than the current rate of cleanup can keep up. Trash is a never-ending man-created problem. The solution is simple, replace all plastics all Styrofoam’s and redesign all packaging from Hemp fiber. All aluminum cans will be replace with hemp glass or hemp plastic. Glass will be re-introduced as a main storage for beverages and food products and a deposit will be paid each time the bottle is reused. When I was a kid, if I wanted to treat myself to a soda and a honey bun all I had to do was find discarded soda bottles and turn them in for the deposit. 2 cents a bottle added up. At one point the deposit was increased to 5 cents a bottle. The food stores collected hundred of class bottles, and this caused a concern when bottles were not empty and the sugary drink attracted swarms of roaches. So it was easy for the oil and chemical cartel to convince food chains to go 100% plastic and ship it to the nearest landfill. My solution is to build the first Hemp factory who sole purpose it to replace all thing oil based with hemp products. In ten years the planet will take on a whole new look, a clean look. And thousands of creatures will not have to contend with our garbage. Our garbage is deadly and people like me need to come together to solve these problems. Yes, we need to build the new and better infrastructure to bring permanent change from business-as-usual model. The earth is choking on garbage. That mountain of trash that is also an eyesore are not the answer. Landfills even those out at sea are mankind created and humankind must take responsibility to restore the planet to a cleaned-up environment. Help build the first hemp factory! We have no choice the solution is perfect and proven.

Jimmie Moore jimmie@moorek9.com

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