RESIST 05-26-2020

Updated: May 27, 2020

COVID-19 vaccination: what the plan looks like (To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.) "Despite Moderna's cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse." "The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology..." "Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a 'serious adverse event' within 43 days of receiving Moderna's jab. Moderna...acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as 'Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention'." "Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to 'every person on earth'."  (Robert F Kennedy Jr., Children's Health Defense, May 22, 2020) But who cares, right?  Full steam ahead. In many articles over the years, I've provided evidence that vaccines are unnecessary, destructive, and useless.  This article is about something else: how the planners are shaping their scheme for injecting a COVID vaccine into the bodies of the global population.  The planners aren't completely stupid, you know.  They understand there will be problems. They understand many people will say NO. Think of their scheme as an intelligence-agency operation.  Their architects engage in many discussions; they lay out predictions; they consider options. "What happens if we flat-out make the vaccine mandatory for everyone?" Aside from awesome logistical problems, "mandatory for everyone" means the planners have no wiggle room.  It becomes difficult to make adjustments in the face of public opposition.  They've played their hole card from the get-go. Heavy enforcement is possible, of course.  Bring in the military.  Go door to door.  For years.  Try to track down every refuser and hold them down and shoot them up.  Overt police state. "That could be a bad play.  We actually incite more resistance and rebellion with our tactics." Trying to funnel eight billion people along a single path to a shot in the arm has serious drawbacks.  This isn't a low-budget sci-fi thriller on the big screen.  The government doesn't just snap its fingers and vaccinate 320 million people in America. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they could offer a light suggestion that everyone take the COVID shot. "That's a loser.  All our propaganda and preparation go to waste.  We look like wimps.  People aren't going to line up like robots on the basis of a mere suggestion.  They're going to think the pandemic isn't all that serious anymore.  It'll be like the flu shot.  Lots of people will go for it, and lots of people won't.  No good." What might an in-between scenario look like---something in the middle. Define CONDITIONS under which the vaccination is mandatory.  Push that, along with heavy encouragement for all people to take the vaccine.  Wall to wall propaganda on TV.  Widespread shaming, targeting and outing refusers.  The usual nonsense stories about people who didn't take the vaccine and died, or spread the virus to others who died. "If contact tracing reveals a person has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, he/she must be vaccinated, in order to protect the public.  A person over 65 who has suffered from any one of several key illnesses must be vaccinated, as a precaution.  All hospital and nursing home employees must be vaccinated.  Travelers returning from the following locations must be vaccinated before re-entering the country..." Even here, there will be problems.  Too many conditions and the situation is too complex.  The public can't keep track of all the rules.  Still, "we must make it work." Conditions plus CULTURE---that might be a winner.  For example, enlist the assistance of employers and companies.  Issue government rewards based on the vaccination rates of employees.  Actively lean on employers to make their own tough rules about vaccinations for their workers.  Lean hard. "So, Bob, you've been working for us for twenty years.  You're a valued employee.  I see you haven't signed on to take the COVID vaccine.  Last Tuesday, in the lunch room, you talked to Susie from accounting about possible dangers of the shot.  We simply can't have that, Bob.  Now, I understand your questions about the vaccine.  There are always questions.  You have a choice to make.  This is a free country.  You can take the shot, or we can't employ you..." Unlike most of his fellow employees who eagerly opt for the shot, or fold at the first veiled threat, Bob sticks to his guns.  He quits his job.  Now, all his friends know he's sacrificed a very good salary and the security of his family for some weird principles.  Bob is a son a bitch.  How could he do this to Kathy and the kids?  Shun Bob.  Don't talk to him..." CULTURE. "Dammit, I think Bob had every right to refuse the vaccine.  But if we talk to him, what are our friends going to say?  We love Bob, but we can't take the chance..." "Here at XXX CORP, all our people take the shot proudly.  We want the community to know we're in the lead in compliance.  We support Governor Gargoyle and his team of public health experts.  Our new contact tracing app has built in signals telling you when you're at risk in certain neighborhoods. Visit our Facebook page and learn more." "Hi, I'm Dr. Julius Meng of the CDC.  I want to tell you about a man named Carl.  He refused the vaccine and infected his whole warehouse and we had to shut down the company.  Right now, Carl is on a ventilator fighting for his life in a hospital...don't be a Carl..." SHUN THE VILE REFUSERS. "Did you know you can report certain people who actively refuse the vaccine?  We can't forcibly inject them [yet], but we can isolate them when necessary and protect the community.  Go to our Facebook page and learn who you can report on and why..." "We here at YYY Corp, all 32,000 of us, want to salute the nation's contact tracers who are working to keep all of us safe.  We know you're out there protecting us 24/7.  So we're cutting your insurance premiums by 15 percent across the board, for the next six months, as a gesture of thanks.  Remember, America, tracing leads to vaccinating, and that's what we all need---immunity from the virus..." "Leading our coverage tonight, the CDC has pinpointed three areas in Utah where vaccine refusal has climbed higher in recent weeks.  Some estimates place it as high as ten percent.  A breakaway church and its pastor have been blamed for spreading conspiracy theories.  In accordance with federal conditions under which the COVID vaccine can be mandated, one of those areas has now been designated a 'hot spot.'  Local border controls have been set up.  Two clinics are prepared to receive people who have turned down the vaccine and are being placed in custody.  We now go live to the ER at Buchen Hospital..." Culture plus conditions. Outing refusers?  "In Houston, a group calling itself COVID Truth has leaked a public-health list of local residents who have so far refused to take the vaccine.  Utilizing Facebook posts, 90 names have been exposed.  Of course, medical privacy is an issue, but the majority of local citizens seem to be siding with COVID Truth..." "Shocker.  Word on the street is, a Chicago Catholic bishop is prepared to exercise ancient excommunication laws for any of his flock who actively promote refusing the COVID vaccine..." Culture, plus conditions, plus local mandates.  A state governor decides that all new applicants for restaurant business licenses must present a certificate of immunity obtained after vaccination.  All hotel workers must receive shots.  Schoolteachers must be vaccinated.  State by state, piece by piece, a quilt is stitched together.  It looks like improvisation (it's supposed to), but state public health officials are carrying out confidential federal CDC orders to advise and lean on governors in specific ways. "Today, three eastern states reached agreement limiting inter-state travel, deploying a wide-ranging series of highway checkpoints, where officers can demand certificates of immunity..." "Two major airlines will accept passengers for out-of-state flights only after evidence of vaccination is presented..." "The governor of Alabama has so far resisted all efforts to make COVID vaccination mandatory under any conditions for residents of the state.  However, now, two major meat distributors have decided not to ship beef or pork to Alabama..." Culture, conditions, local mandates, boycotts. Of course, some planners will still want a federal order mandating the vaccine for EVERYONE.  They want, first and foremost, a police state.  They'll do everything they can to cook, fake, and inflate case numbers and death numbers to attain their objective.  Bill Gates and his minions definitely want to fake case numbers.  One reason? When "adverse events" from the vaccine start piling up, they'll need to label this horrific human wreckage "cases caused by the epidemic COVID virus." The president of the United States, whoever he is, will say, "We're keeping a careful eye on reports and updates about the success of the vaccine, and new coronavirus cases.  So far, we see no reason to issue a federal emergency order making the vaccine mandatory for everyone.  We hope that will not change in the coming weeks and months.  Contact tracing and testing are absolutely necessary..." The underlying message is clear: If you want the right to refuse the shot, cooperate completely with contact tracing and get tested...and then we'll see. More culture, outing, sensationalism, celebrities: "Tonight, New York City is on fire with the story of former weatherman, Fred Smith.  A popular fixture for many years on several local channels, Fred left his last job a month ago, after refusing to take the COVID vaccine.  His subsequent divorce made headlines in gossip outlets.  Then it turned out Fred had also refused to get tested.  This was too much for his two adult children.  They made public statements distancing themselves from their father.  His son Ben said, "I could barely understand why in the world dad wouldn't take the vaccine.  But when I found out he wouldn't even get tested, I was completely in the dark.  I didn't want to speak to him anymore.  I felt ashamed, devastated."  Well, tonight we have learned that Fred has gone missing.  The police are searching for him.  He may still be in the city, but no one is sure.  From beloved figure to outcast, Fred Smith...a tragedy..." The coronavirus working group, composed of people from CDC, WHO, NSA, FBI, and other agencies, keeps pushing.  They present a new set of numbers to the president.  He holds a press conference: "Frankly, it pains me to say this, but we must institute two lockdowns of cities.  Dayton, Ohio, and Boulder, Colorado, are showing a new wave of COVID cases.  After consultation with the governors of those states, mandatory vaccination is in effect for five defined groups of residents in those cities.  The governors will be releasing specifics tomorrow..." National TV talk show: "So, Jim, first of all, thank you for your service.  You've been working as a contact tracer for a year.  Can you tell us what you do?" "Sure, Bill.  Basically, I go door to door and interview people who've been in contact with people who are infected with the virus.  I inform them.  I tell them they're at risk.  I find out if they have symptoms.  Many of them are surprised to learn there could be a problem.  But I've also done a new training course.  I can not only test these people, I can also vaccinate them." "That's really terrific, Jim." "I know.  I'm now a one-stop shop.  See, I had lost my job during the 2020 lockdowns.  My family was on the edge.  But when I saw the announcement for tracers, I jumped at the chance.  At first, I was thinking of joining the military.  But for me, this was even better.  I could work in my community..." "I see colleges are singing up students to be contact tracers now." "You bet.  In droves.  And vaccinators, too.  These kids are remarkable.  They want to serve.  I mean, education is a great thing, but work-study is a no-brainer.  When you're young and you have high ideals, you want to make a difference.  And now you can..." Culture.  Collectivism "at its finest." "Dad, mom, I want to tell you something.  I've decided to drop out of school and become a full-time tracer.  I can still go back whenever I want to.  But this work feels a lot better.  The thing I've found out---we really ARE all in this together.  And look, I can make 53 thousand a year, plus medical and dental.  If and when I go back to college, I'll be on full scholarship.  That's part of the new deal.  You won't have to pay for my education anymore.  I'm trained to vaccinate people in their homes.  I'm friends with Paul, the starting tight end on the football team.  He's dropping out, too.  He wants to serve..." Culture.  Mind control for victory. "Our top local story tonight.  In San Francisco, the group known as VV, 'Vaccinate or Vacate,' which has been going door to door checking to make sure people are taking the COVID vaccine, now has uniforms.  As you can see in this clip, the pants and jackets are brown and they appear military.  VV states they're 'urgers not enforcers,' but some residents are worried.  The city director of public health, Dr. Marissa Molotov, has met with VV and quote, 'come to an understanding' about the use of forceful language.  'These people are well-intentioned,' Doctor Molotov said.  'They just to need dial it back a little.  Look, lives are on the line.  Do we want more deaths, or do we want simple vaccine compliance?'  Earlier this month, two members of VV, who are no longer with the group, were arrested by police after an altercation at a gym.  The city attorney is still sorting out the details, and determining whether a weapon was actually drawn, and if so, whose weapon it was.  Julia Copper, an ex-member, has previously told Channel Six News, quote, 'These people are fascists.  They want to help the government by clamping down on people.  This has nothing to do with vaccination, which everyone supports.  VV has a violent mindset.  They've formed groups in four states.  They're expanding'." CULTURE. Bill Gates, TED talk: "Now that we finally have a vaccine out there, people are asking me how I think it's going.  This is a question about logistics.  There is no doubt we have to find a way to make the vaccine mandatory for everyone.  The science tells us this.  I and others have a plan.  It's incremental, and it works.  It'll reduce the incidence of COVID-19 by almost twenty percent in nine months...legislatures all over the world are now looking at a package of new laws that will clearly define conditions under which electronic surveillance can be expanded to 'pre-locate' people at risk for COVID-19 (standing ovation from the 'intellectual' audience who believe they understand 'science' but of course have no clue)." Culture, conditions, law, shaming, tracing, boycotting, collectivism, enforcement, leaking, snitching, celebrities... A poisoned cosmic cheese-glob sandwich inducing amnesia about the past as the Brave New World shapes up. RESIST!

Write a story about someone who doesn’t exist.

John Thomas was a strange man. He did not do what other men do. Never married, no children he knew about and a short list of friends. John counted acquaintances on one hand, not friends. John didn’t mind the lack of friends cause a friend required a lot of communicating and John had trouble communicating due to hearing lose. But at sixty +? per cent hearing lose, 40% hearing ability is worse the 60% actual loss. Why? Because, you think you are hearing well enough to carry on a conversation with anybody. You’re not hearing but two or three words out of every ten words, spoken. John the listener is in melt-down, desiring to complete just one round of conversing, with someone, silly as it sounds, most of the time it is out of reach. With one person, in a quiet room, like a library setting, is the easiest way and best for the hearing. Trying to be involved in a group conversation, in a restaurant or club is impossible. Two or more listeners or speakers, going back and forth, are not connecting with the hearing impaired, at all, by words or by phrases, leaves the hearing-impaired with the of feeling of being left-out, lonely, embarrassed and a little frightened not being able to be involved in a conversation with HUMANs Some of John’s special moments come after time spent in actual creative conversation, all the way too,,’,THE END’, completing a round of talks about something special, at least to him, and really get into a flow of understanding what is being said. Oh! How much fun speaking can be when you are totally involved. Able to feel every-word, able to think and slow down, without being afraid of missing a word. I’ve learned to ‘listen-hard’, hating being left out, another abruptly ended meet-up. In no way am I a loser, but I feel at a lose from what I lose every time, hearing fucks me up, and chills, un+till, still, no dialogue, no information, this is darkness to me. Thank God, I can read and write. The Light

It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter,,in two generations, the EARTH, will be well on its way to eating it- self. Boy what a horror story that would make.? It does matter, it does?! All of ANIMALkIND is threatened with EXTINCTION, IF; WE ALLOW IT!? Maybe? The Kingdom of the ‘other-world’ Is totally on the ropes. Humans are consuming our planet. AnimalKind habituate shrink. Sooner are later, humenKind and animalKind must intergrade. For animalKind to survive, old habits and customs must change. It starts with taking the fear from not-surviving, ‘my way’? OR LAW OF THE JUNGLE has to be totally reprogramed. If your not hungry again, for-ever well-fed, this is how we change behavior. It takes time with much intense, husbandry to integrate the species

WELCOME TO THE RIBBON…..WHATS ON MY MIND? www.can’ two spices. It’s that big-a-deal.

There is nothing for a non-fisherman to say about the art of the fisherman. I know nothing. But I did observe a fisherman, my Dad. And his ‘Mighty Dog’, Mickie. His Son, me, hated fishing, but loved eating the catch, so I got to clean a lot of fish. Nearly every-time he fished, he brung in30 fishes for me to clean. Cleaning fish is art! Bloody at times, as it should be. That fish gave its own life to satisfy hunger. So, I grew up eating a lot of fresh-water bass,, speckle-preach and bream. FYI; the absolute best way to keep and store fish is the way my Dad did it, by putting fish in paper milk-cartons, pouring water completely over them, and freeze. Fresh water fish should be eating soon after being harvested. If fish is part of

There was a man who lived down the dirt road, their on the left, it’s a little trailer with a roughed-in addition, which I later learned was a partial bedroom and TV room, and eating room, with a small kitchen just inside the aluminum trailer. Very Spartan for two, over eighty-plus year-old twins. In the neighborhood they were known as the ‘peanut men’ and sold the best roasted peanuts in the world and around town, especially at the high school sporting events. Both, were short in stature and wide-bodies. Both had a head full of hair the same color as their eyes. My mother loved the peanut-man’s, ‘boiled peanuts’. For a taste-treat, your favorite beer and boiled peanuts. It’s an acquired taste but will ‘hook ya’. Since we lived at opposite ends of the street, we got to know them and from time to time, a little conversation. They spoke German most of the time. Piggen-english to the towns-people. Imagine selling peanuts, being content, I guess, even happy. Occasionally, when it got to be still in their present and take in their simple but comfortable demine. There hung on a sparse-wall a very old picture of a very young women, a blond woman with same blue-eyes. She was their only family and lives in Paris, France. I was a noisy, curious kid, and loved looking at post cards from all over Europe that hung and decorated the whole interior. The hand writers, style of penmanship fascinated me the most. If I couldn’t read the persons name, I would try to figure who was female or male. Men and Women copy each other’s writing style. People write the words and have uniquint, one of a kind writing style. It’s like a ‘a Thumb-print or and ’eye -scan’

Things I would never write about;1;

I found myself inside of a drop of water

True Fact, Joe was murdered

True Fact, Killed by Agent Orange

True Fact, No No No Look over here

True Fact, Imagine, Create and Invent, new Reality

True Fact, Joe’s Story is more than its content

True Fact, I’m a full-time writer

True Fact, I make my living by my words

True Fact, I write, I get paid

True Fact, This writing, is labor intensive

True Fact, Build e mail list


Have Philip look at saving a list of addresses on a spread sheet that Tony set for me. On desk top.

True Fact, 1st Pod Cast “Fantasy Cop” to – You-Tube, Facebook, email list, Instagram

True Fact, Inventing a new Reality

Using Imagination;

1. Room in a house

2. Write a stage play, solely in that room

a. At least one character

3. Writing Letters

4. Dialogues

5. A writer stuck in one place, a confined place, example, being stuck in a closest at a bank that is being robbed. Door is open and you write what you see and hear through a slightly crack door

True Fact, I can write, I write, well.

True Fact, can’t get ahead in life, because

True Fact, quite fantastic

True Fact, cultivate in the most positive terms possible, be able to edit your on work and make it better

True Fact, editor meets writer meets editor

True Fact, ultimately, I decide to like my work, always and forever, get use to being the judge of your work

True Fact, I am my number-one fan

True Fact, failure was beaten into every square-inch of my body.

If my head is clear what would I write about…seeing small things as big, patience to be still, be still, standing on the corner watching all the girls go by, the song is in my head. When this song was new and climbing the charts, the land seemed simpler, quieter, what I didn’t understand, being to young, My America was in hiding within itself. Without purpose to envelope a new marriage, the family would be without a rudder. My parents had to get married. Started a family they neither wanted, and hated each other and hated their procreation. From day one I was taught to be a failure, a True Fact, failure was beaten into every square-inch of my body. My sadistic Mother enjoyed a well-placed switch across my balls and penis. When mother hammered me, I learned to climb on my bed and put a pillow between my legs as protection of the brutal on-slot coming. If it was dear ole-dad, coming for me, I climbed under the bed, all the way to the wall, and prayed and cried for mercy. My mother saved me from injury many times and death, more than once. On top of all this crap, they didn’t like neither Renee or Jimmie. The Moore children lived in fear and faced,, every six weeks, the coming visit of the school report card and the terror of an out-of-control parent. The only safe-haven was back at school. Every six weeks, I was tortured and taught to be a failure, to hate myself, told every day, ‘you will never amount to much’. My mother tells me over and over that I will end up in Marianna State Reformatory for boys. In our home, my parents provided the necessities for life. I never really wanted for anything, except, a certain toy at Christmas time. Spirituality was non-existent in our home. No Jesus. No God, no Godly truth to stake your life on. Only man-made hatred. Family and love had no place in our home.

Was it sad times for me and my sister? Yes!! Big time, it was very sad, my sister and I, well we learned to hate each other and never to trust each other, never In our lifetimes did we every really love. Family had no meaning for anybody in our group of four. Living life going through the motions.

True Fact, life is good

So write! I’m I really a mess. Jimmie the idea-man, I like smoking pot, I also like not smoking pot for weeks and months at a time. I like to be relaxed, comfortable. But I don’t have to be high, feeling no pain, I like being un-high

True Fact, I’m up early, like 6:34 and the writing-bug has me at an eagerly-awaiting LENOVO, texting, ‘hit-me’. hit-me’, that may be nanoism for striking the keyboard. So I say hell-o to a pc, never done that before. So, me and LENOVE, will be spending a lot of time, imagining, creating, and inventing a whole new world. A world of creativity. A world where ‘plant-life’ is ‘total nourishment’. ‘A world of TotalJustice’. A world where animalKind is honored. This ‘little-ball’ of blue-goo, hanging out in the middle of no-where-space? That’s us and until we learn to move faster-than light speed, that’s it. So that little ball of spiritual blue-green, still, hanging-out in outerest-space, we call Mother, as in protector of all life, when healthy.? Earth, life is slowing done, you should relax. Enjoy the down time. The never-ending, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, will return soon enough.

Fyi-time…Could 5g. towers, be boiling our brains and, the deaths being covered up with the ‘latest infectious disease’ scare. “Have mercy, and tell me no-way”.!? I guess you read the latest news about a high-up Chinese-general, high-up communist-party member, you get the picture, elite-want-a-be’s, wall one of them has gone rogue, and has written his new-found consciousness for all to see. It’s not good news for the planet, but you must consider the writer, who has betrayed all party-codes of proper etiquette and manners. Yes, he is a dead-man, Or, he can become a card-carrying member of the “Agent Orange Survivors Club”, where the ‘walking dead’ hang out, of course.

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Whats on my mind, 03-26-20

True Fact, as the universe is slowing, the earth is slowing, livingKind is slowing, all is well, so stop and be still, enjoy the extra life we are being given, and thank your muse. We are blessed in northeast Florida with gentle winters, come close to hitting the magic #32, once. The beautiful Japanese Plumtree in the front yard, recently bloomed on Feb 7th. The tree was the picture of abundance, prosperity and of plenty for all of earth’s children. As the days passed, new blooms appeared and the old begin the long fall to earth, but, for one last farewell, an offering; her beauty lay like a blanket, covering the ground in layers of pink and white petals. And more flowers, hung to the leafless limbs, so many pink and white flowers., I could not see through them. A three year old from next door, visited the tree, she stood still and watched as a flower fall, she bent-down and picked-up a whole-complete-flower, in all its color and freshness. She returned to her home, without a single word spoken between us. Oh, to recognize such moments, to wonder at the meaning of flower and little-girl. As children we have many moments of pure wonder and delight, but as we grow wiser, the bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is the moment. So take time to smell the flowers.

(fyi) While driving up and down University Blvd., I haven’t heard the sirens and horns of emergency vehicles on the road as much. Today I was reminded, that red-flashing light are still with us, but not in bigger numbers. In truth, the number of medical transport is way down. To me this is great news, and hears why, ‘people are staying away from doctors, hospitals or anything to do with health-care and living longer. To stay home and out of the bzzzzzzzzzzzz, is life. I kept saying, stop it, be still, there is a peace in the air, be silent and just listen to your own rhythms. In the mean-time, thank England for stopping the insanity, or at least ‘shooting themselves in the foot’.

Thanks for reading the ribbon, where my thoughts are reported as created. I don’t back-up anything, nothing, us a search-engine. I hear lot about google. Do some home-work

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WELCOME TO THE RIBBON…..WHATS ON MY MIND? www.can’ I would like to introduce you, my growing audience, to a new mentor, adopted, but a real live teacher/mentor. I respect his blue-collar, due-diligence. Relate well! To a future-friend, I will soon meet this man, I welcomed Jon into my life. Mr. Jon Rappoport. This is what I will say; Invest in listening and reading, ‘all things j.r.’ I invite you too-check his award winning web-pages at; NOMOREFAKENEWS.COM – IMAGINE, CREATE, INVENT, the very words of Jon Rappoport. Here, at Ribbon Headquarters MR. jr is a man for all-seasons. A credit to humanity. What I call a straight-shooter. MR. jr, STANDS. So! Invest your time, wisely, it’s a-OK to have a BabyBoomer for a mentor. It’s time for the sons and daughters of the victorious daddy’s and mommy’s of the WWII generation, to leave their caves and be involve again in creating, THE NEW EARTH. Finish what we half-ass started/created. This time around with the winds of Universal-change, at your back, not in your face. Boomers-Re-Enter-The-New-Earth-time line. Ideas from old earth of fifty years ago are still worthy to be completed. BabyBoomers, you are worth$ a second chance to play the music, protect the planet, it’s a-OK to believe that life is nourishment, that people are just fine – the way they are. We Boomers have wasted enough time, 50 years and counting. CoronoVirus is opened opportunity right in front of our eyes. For every problem humanKind can think-up, dream-up or through-up, solutions are out there. Only PEOPLE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. The young, the old, together make the changes, stick. The races never to hate again. HATE TAKES TO MUCH ENERGY! Unity, not group-think will save our planet. The Earth will survive just fine, it’s humanKind and animalKind who will experience the destruction and disappearance of plant-life. All planet-wide issues have solutions. They better be, there is no taxi to the nearest planet.

Remenber! hire a baby-Boomer and restart a life.

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Brothers and sisters, most fear starts with a spark of imagination that grows and mutates, then creates its own obstacle, and they grow and mutate. Presto, into our existence comes, doubt. More questions, and more questions, for example; if I suggested that the whole state of America is one of unemployment, how would you respond? Some would say, why heck no, !’m to busy enjoying ‘legitimatedaysofffrom’. Already started on an early tan. And don’t forget what the good-nurse said, “Sunlight, lets talk about! viruses can’t survive long in direct! constant light-energy from the Sun!

So, get a comfortable chair, a cool beverage and for the next hour, fuck the j.o.b. Yes! Yes! Scotty, beam me up, Scotty, get me out of here.

When every-event is focused on shutting the country down, ‘sorry, out of business’,,, somewhere, deep! a klaxon doesn’t stop its noise. All of a sudden, all of our daily cycles, like spinning tops, stop. The obstacles…fear? fear…Has come home to the mind. Why, one reason! house arrest in America is not constitutional, it’s unAmerican, and not very nice. But, as you find ways to enjoy family life at a slower pass, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, do it. But know that ‘groupThink’ is in over-drive, while the individual is forced to stay behind closed doors.

From the song, “Hotel California”, ‘this could be heaven or this be hell’, regardless of path, you can, and you will create one or the other. Somethings else I figured out, it’s ok to not have a TV on. Less computers saves lives, less of most things, is preferable. On and on it goes, The GAME, the games being played to keep the playing-field not level. “GOMEDIAGO””DOSOMETHING””GOMEDIAGO”

Peacefully, where you have a new world, created with a different set of rules of conduct. Getting the oil and chemical cartels to stop killing the planet. (earths most pressing issue of life or death). But do it Peacefully. We are all ‘freedom-riders’ on the back of this green and blue ball, we call the ball; home, earth/new earth, mother/mother-earth, the planet, but never, ever, the new world order as envisioned by the ’flaky-few’!

Join me daily, laughing at the ‘flaky/few’?!

If the ‘few’ are gamming the citizens, and if it should turn out that ‘coronaVirus’ was created on the back of just another, but over-stimulated flu-bug, then, these events being staged in America and the rest of the world are for one purpose only, training, like rats to a performance. Fear the shock! What’s next?? But this time? or the next time? or the next? what follows? Next time when it really counts the well-trained-enslaved citizen-rat will perform marvelously and pay the piper. And the ‘ama’ will have stolen our ‘rights’, Our FREEDOMS, OUR HOMES. And/ The only way for the ‘oldOrder’ to survive, is by removing the velvet-glove that hides an iron fist. All this grief so a few-old-fat-white-things can own my underwear. So yes indeed, Daily at, 12:00 noon. Straight up high-noon, Mon – Thurs, and know, that through tears of a trillion-million eyes, more than the stars in the sky, with uncontrollable laughter, we give our lives, unto a lake of change. Daily laughter makes the flak of difference

Remenber! hire a baby-Boomer and restart a life.

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Help is needed if these are to see light!




Canasta the card game. My parents enjoyed playing the game with neighbors at least one night a week. My sister and I, watched. We were in elementary school, just kids, and it was kind-of cool listening to adults’ gossip. The dinning room was thick with cigarette smoke from four chain-smokers. I don’t remember what the favorite beverage was. Mostly likely, beer and boiled peanuts. You can get hooked on, Canasta, Pabst Blue Ribbon and steamy-hot boiled peanuts. I bring this up because the times’ we are living in require alternative realities, now that current reality has ceased to exist, stop, nana, no-more. Just gone!

NO SPORTS! GLORY HALLELUJAH! Just re-runs, so you don’t have to pay any attention, nothing. I use to love going to the movies and I loved all things about movies. The cool-air, the warm popcorn and ice-cold coke, but as usual, made in America ‘reared its ugly-head’ and commercial-greed with its endless advertisements, endless previews and the final-straw, assigned-setting, took away the enjoyment of traveling to see a movie. The high-price of the movie experience and the agonizing quality of the product, made it a no-brain-er. I’ve quite sports, years ago, just recently in quite Hollywood.

So, if your hooked-on sports and love movies, like I do! Then stay at home and re-invest your savings in; 2 decks of regular playing cards, small ice chest, a boiler for the peanuts, and a plexiglass screen, as dividers between players, as a precaution. Also, for the health, safety and welfare of our gammers, hot towels with each stocked with Pereil hand lotion. By law – game-cards must be retired after the third game at any table with two or more gamers. Don’t try to stretch-it to a fourth game, as this would be fatal.

There is hope even with no sports TV. Still, there is no panic i