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Posse Comitatus + CoronaVirus EQUALS the end of Freedom. The 1%’s are joyful-happy. Their plans coming together perfectly. Really!?? I think not.

President Trump attempts last ditch effort to shore-up New World Order agenda. I said yesterday that curfew was suicide.

President Trump mention in his press conference that he as our President would protect ‘gun rights’. Really, you believe that? So, what happens when all this military is standing around with nothing to do, could the military be used to go after gun-owners. You bet.

Let my conspiratorial imagination run wild:

First: American citizens will not fire on Police.

Second: 1%’s will send saboteurs to assassinate a police officer, probably several, for good measure. These are the people pulling all the strings. The 1%’s gave us the fake CoronaVirus. The Police officer who murdered George Floyd, is a Fifth Column assassin. Who will never see a day in prison?

As I watch CNN, all the vile hatred for the President is self-evident. All media on planet earth is control by the Murdering 1%’s. You know as well as I do, there will be murder in America, tonight. Some cop is going to lose it. Someone has to lose it tonight. Thank God there over 200,000,000++ weapons in America. If government thugs are turned lose to kill citizens and the American people have no choice but defend themselves, America is over, and Law Enforcement, to a man and a woman will disappear over night. Turns out coronaVirus is fake and mute. This murder of Floyd is the best game in town.

Why do I say that Mr. Floyd was murdered by assassin sent by the 1%’s. For a simple reason, they now have the means and right (laws) to keep America locked up in our homes. As coronaVirus fads and falls out of favor, or not fooling the people any-longer, murder has been added to the script, to get the people to focus. When I see armored vehicles with gun-barrels, I’m looking at war making machines. Nothing about a war-machine is peaceful! Governments are lining up against the will of the people, as usual. Time to take America back is all you hear, but take America to where? Business as usual is killing the planet or at least the earths ability to feed all of humanKind and animalKind.

As I watch CNN, I flashed on an old movie from the 50’s called ‘High Noon’, that’s what it looks like. The law standing around, and the citizens standing around, seeing who will make the first move or blunder.

The Velvet Glove no longer conceals the Iron Fist. Your looking at New World Order agenda, all that is required is your loyalty, and presto, there is peace.

Just like every thing about coronaVirus was over-the-top fake, using military forces against the citizens is criminally over-the-top as well. This is the real thing, nothing fake about calling in the military. My question is, who among the protestors is willing to forfeit their lives, so freedom doesn’t die in June in America.

Again, to all forces aligned against the citizens of the U.S.A., STAND DOWN! If America must burn, then let it be a purifying blaze. End murder by cops and their bosses 'CLUB 1%'s'.

Always, just my opinion,

Proudly Penned by Jimmie Moore

from yesterday

NEW PAGE. 05312020

The door is so wide-open. But, which way? Any new ideas will be scrutinize by embedded “”FIFTH COLUMN SABOTEURS””! The 1%’s, pay massive amounts of cash and are able to infiltrate any group made of two-people, or, two-thousand or any combo of #’s. NEW EARTH works from the premise, of openness, not secrets, no-behind the scenes, closed door goings-on. Seems business as usual is over. The numbers of unemployed are growing, but the truth of just how bad, is covered-up, smoothed over by coronaVirus. The ‘box’ is telling the world that Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly love has started a curfew. Looting is picking up. Things appeared to be spinning out of control. The looting is created and paid for by “”FIFTH COLUMN SABOTEURS””! 1%’s at their best. Same ole game of DIVIDE&CONQUER!

Yet, we need clear heads to take control, but more importantly, there is no going back to the old normal. The old normal is where a man in a uniform, with a badge and gun, can murder any-body, justifiable! Call it Jim Crow. I do. How many times must we be a witness to murder by cop.

Now D.C. Cops are saying protestor have ‘boxes of rocks’. You think the VELVET GLOVE is being removed from the IRON FIST. How far will the 1%’s go? How many lives, how much blood will water the ole Tree of Freedom. Citizens are learning under fire, that freedom isn’t free and JUSTICE is expensive.

CNNBREAKINGNEWS 20 + States and 40 Cities enact CURFEW. The 1%’s are over-joyed, as communities LOCK-DOWN their citizens. And the beat goes on.

New Earth is being birthed right under your noses. Old AUTHORITY, is crumbling and must be helped along. A RENAISSANCE, a NEW EARTH, A NEW WAY, not normal, not change, a New Earth a new way. Is Now!

Thank you, Michael Jordan, Yes we have had enough! Damn Right!

I took a break and as I was getting in line at MickeyD’s my phone alerts me that Jacksonville will start a curfew at 8.

Curfew, anywhere in America is SUICIDE.

In order to save lives, I’m ordering ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT TO STAND DOWN.

Police are bringing Armored Vehicles into the picture. Police do not want the word out they have been stock-piling military equipment, sole purpose, to be used against, WE THE PEOPLE, the CITIZEN.

Hour by hour, as protest mounts, and Law Enforcements fears grow, pay attention and you will see saboteurs at work. 1%’s go-to team. Inciting groups into wrong action is M.O. Highly skilled.

BabyBoomer’s might re-call strange occurrences from stranger persons during their youth.




(When officers lose-it, they do stupid things).

Americans are no longer asleep.

This Patriot, loves FREEDOM.

But, this freedom loving Patriot LOVES Justices!

Proudly Created,

By Jimmie Moore

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