Still Catching Up 08-25-2019

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited

Part II
Do you ever wonder what's being sprayed on animalkind world wide.

'We can be Heroes', is the brain child of Beth Heath and her Vietnam Veteran Husband, John. The meeting had a different feel about it, more relaxed then the recently attended VVA meeting. The flag was honored in a dignified way, as only a Vet understands and can pull off. Respect was shown to the creator. I introduced "Noble Canine" to about a hundred guest, and donated two signed copies for the auction. Most where couples. The food,,,no commit!!? But the meeting on this Saturday morning honored Purple Heart Recipients.

Homeless Veterans volunteered and serve breakfast.

I was inspired by the love and generosity, shown these men and women.

Got my first introduction to a very-young group of Marines, called,'U. S. Marine Youth. Sharp as tacks. There devotion to being the very best Marine possible was spiritually uplifting. These young people have set a high standard for youth in general to emulate.

These teen Marines where using this meeting to learn advanced communication skills, conversing with 'baby-boomers' who have for the most part, turned 70++and can't hear worth-a-damn. These young men and women re-lite the flame, in our hearts, in our endless search for common-sense. In other words, they make you proud to be American. They reminded me of the time I spent in Boy Scouts of America.

What did I think about the meeting??!

Well for starters, I not big on Vietnam Veteran meetings, most are boring, and quite frankly a waste of time. Just not into the next memorial-taps event. I've never given a penny to build a memorial to the dead. Never will! I love life and focus on the living. Thanks Beth for the opportunity to introduce "Noble Canine" to the audience and to speak. A lot of good-works come from: 'We can be Heroes'!

Part III

This meeting of Agent Orange Town-hall was attended by, maybe a thousand souls, again mostly couples, and held at UNF Adult Education Center. The VVA had a big part in pulling all the pieces together to make this well-attended gathering of Agent Orange Victims and their wives, a successful meeting, even though totally boring. Left early.

What did I think of the meeting?!!

Well so far, no surprises,,,no mention of Agent Orange's mounting body-count. 2 million (2,000,000) Vietnam Veterans that have succumb to exposure to nerve-gas during war-time Vietnam, which, by the way, was outlawed after WWI under the Geneva Convention! A lot of jail-time,,,due! not! better yet, hanging, until dead!

The only useful commit I came up with, is this;

"Vietnam Veterans are wasting precise breathe and some cases, last breathe, showing up to meetings that will not address the crime of our genocide and shine a light on the over-the-top, death toll."

Are Vet organizations acting as gatekeepers. It's dumb, dumber and dumbest!!? Ignorance is bliss and 'johnny be good', stars as "the walking dead", a sit-com for the whole world to see. Hey Veterans, better wake your "Dah-ass, up" and fight the good fight, even, with your last breathe. That's all we have, just enough strength to make a last-stand, but,,, against Tyranny and the continuing Holocaust against the Warrior Class. We must stand!!? for...

What about the children and great-grand children, who will stand by them, stand for them? Who...damn-it!

Why are the chemical cartels and the oil cartels working overtime, killing the planet??!

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