Sunday Night 04-26-20

I think it amazing how we respond to children.

Good parenting is managing emotions, including our own.

Tonight, I got myself A-call-it-in Mexican #10. I set in the parking lot and ate two chicken tacos and beans and rice, almost heaven. I then removed myself to the neighborhood soft-ball park, that one with a half mile of walking, running, cycling and parking, for the next game…softball please. Parks have been opened for a week and would be nice to see the night time lights on and the sound of ‘play-ball’. Watching parents love their children with there time, empowers the child, confidence sores and family trust is embedded. Thank-you coronaVirus for many new trends, and more to come.

All this week and several times a day, I visit the park, lately, to eat, setting in my truck. I read and walk here, it’s ideal. I’ve been noticing a trend I like, families together, on bikes. Tonight, and last night especially, bikes, trikes mixed in with walkers, and runners, children and parent together and having fun, owned the park. Maybe as many as thirty cycles on Saturday night and almost the same number tonight, but with a difference? I did not recognize anyone from last night, tonight. A whole different group of bikers. This is what I’ve been saying, stop and get off the tread-mill, sit in a comfortable chair, I mean easy-chair comfort, and sit. Lean back and stretch out, close your eyes and stop the world, even if for the moment. During the nano-moment of stillness, the mind re-coups, rest. Quietness, Silence and Stillness in that moment are healing. This healing comes from inside and is the gift of the creator. I recently received a gift from the people of the United States, a gift of a special built cycle, call a recumbent-cycle. Your almost flat on your back and it’s a comfortable ride as well as enabling and fun. Now the park is opened again and people are flocking to parks to walk and peddle, ever since the machine-stopped, the air has felt and smelt fresher, more alive, more-electric. You see lots of park-user’s waking and talking on a d-phone, most can’t do that on a bike. The families cycling in particular, didn’t notice a phone anywhere. So, I like this new phenomenon of active family, by and for the family. I am thankful that the machine is shut-down. I am glad the buzz is gone. I glad that normal can take a break or take a hike!

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