The Crossroad to Death

How do the Slaves on planet earth survive?

Humans are not needed to run machines!

We've grown accustomed to having jobs. It's OK to have a
dead-end job, make work and most work is make work.
Don't be confused with essential work, there is a difference.
Most work is not necessary! So why do most people get up
everyday and travel to a place of employment. Guilt, no
work, no eat. That's what your Bible says. But yet, Humans
will go out of there way to feed the hungry.
The forest use to be able to sustain all or most of
AminalKind. Not anymore! I keep hearing One Billion dead
animals, because of the fires in Australia. That will solve a
lot of problems for the 1%'s at Nescafe and other giant
corporations around the world, who stealing water.
Add to this story from the internet about Australia killing
10,000 camels, because they drink to much water. Every
wonder why the largest whales, anywhere in the ocean are
endangered to extinction? They eat to many fish?
I've noticed for years, that all of AnimalKind relays the
same message, "Man's greed", is killing animalkinds
habitats and will destroy the earths ability to feed it's own.
Including Humans. As Americans, we want see as much
starvation in our country. At some point crops may be
grown in-doors. But for the rest of the world, third-world
countries, its peoplekind and animalkind will simple
starve to death.
While the Media has the world focusing on climate-change,
the real story is about the damage being done by the
Globalist Oil and Chemical Cartels (1%'s) to the planet.
At some point every human on the Planet must wake-up. Or
DIE. That includes the grand-Children. We cannot continue
to sleep.

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