The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited.

December in Vietnam is all about going home.

Ten days till Christmas, and all I know is in twenty-days and a wake-up I’ll be back in the world. A place with fewer eyes with hate in them is all I hope for. I have 19 more working nights with my Noble Canine, Junior, a mighty dog if there ever was. In fact, an MWD Hero. I got Junior, after his handler was severely wounded being ambushed taking that first step into the twilight zone. Buy Noble Canine for the rest of the story.

One thing I’ve noticed about Christmas 2019, fifty years later, ‘they’re’ not beating up on the meaning behind Christmas since Mr. Trump took over governing the American Swamp. Is President Trump a good President or a bad President, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’.

The Presidency, Obama or Trump, or Clinton, the Bushes, even, god forbid it, even Ronald, ALL CREATED AND OWNED BY THE 1%’s. In the end President Trump does as he is told, same-same for all past presidents. As far as the future is concerned, it will be same-same unless we stand against the in-justice and hate of the 1%’s.

If it’s the mission of the 1%’s to destroy humankind, OK! OK? Enough!! Agent Orange has taught much understanding, I fully understand how serious you are about controlling the peoples of the world, even unto death. But, please consider; let the earth live, let all of AnimalKind live.

Life on Planet EARTH, is ending.

The Earth does not need to be a barren rock just because some questionable human-types hate earthlings. The 1%’s greed is the root of this evil. In fact, the only evil caused anywhere in this world is created by 1%’s to keep us all enslave, all of humanity in chains.

The 1%’s created ‘The Matrix’ to boast of the con-job done on the world.

So-us simpletons, we the people, wanting only to be entertained,,, go to the theater, upgrade to a tub of (gmo’s) popcorn with lots of grease and a super-size coke and give elms of pleasure and praise to Hollywood for creating such a creative story of our own slavery. Very creative and this comes from the art community. The artist/creators who serve the 1%’s make Hitler’s artist/creators look like schoolgirls. The 1%’s love to boast, so ‘see you at the movie’s’ should have special meaning. Don’t be afraid to look. It’s part of our destiny to be doers of overcoming.

All this verbiage just to let you know, that you, we, me, do not decide who will be the next President of the USA. You get to vote and play ‘drain the swamp’ using computers to count our votes. Yes Virginia! People are an easy sell. We know “Dollar General” and “Family Dollar”, what is “Dollar Government”?

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Of course, I’m talking about the Veterans Administration.

The Good:

Finally, after 10 years of being locked-in with the VA, they did something, that actually had the hint of healing in it. The VA awarded Brooks Adaptive Sports a grant to provide, for Veterans, opportunities to be involved in sports. Brooks provides for special needs which is something nobody does better. Some of the activities for Veterans are cycling, yoga, rowing, skeet shooting, fishing, basketball. Etc?

I’ve been trying to get the VA to provide access for swimming to strengthen my weakening body and this has gone on for years. I was hoping to use the pool at the Brooks/YMCA and have the VA pick up the expense. Instead the VA wanted me to travel to Lake City VA or the Gainesville VA. I even found a church with an indoor-heated pool, who, on the day I visited, their where 3 or 4 veterans, in the pool, all were doing therapy. The people in charge told me just what I needed to do, a no brainer, right? Wrong, my primary doctor, refused, again.

Why is swimming so important?

After Agent Orange decimated my legs, making walking always problematic and balance issues requiring a four-wheeled walker, I was flat scared I was going to lose the use of my legs. I didn’t want to end up in a wheelchair. I realized that if I didn’t find some way to exercise my legs, rebuild strength which would improve my balance, I might be wheelchair bound.

But in 2019 something happened that offered real hope and the VA was not the originator. as their usual

Brooks Rehabilitation came to my rescue.

I walk and exercise at a softball park in the neighborhood with a half mile walking track/parking lot. I’m walking to save my legs. I fear if I don’t us them, I will lose them. If I could make one trip around the half-mile circle, I was doing good. Sometimes I could make it around twice, that was a very good day for me.

But one morning while walking, I encountered cyclist, lots of odd-looking cycles. People were almost lying on their backs. This is the first time I understood the term recumbent. Bikes, are three-wheeled and recumbent. If you couldn’t use your legs, Brooks had hands-only peddles and recumbent. If unable to use hands, pedals for the feet, sticking out in front of the bike.

I was in shock; I had never seen so many Trikes.

I can do this. I can do this! Yes, do you sense my excitement? The riders were having fun. I’m sure I can do this. I talked to the Brooks rep and found out I could be out riding, as part of a new VA effort to reach out to the Veteran community. I got myself signed up and enjoyed my first Saturday morning ride at the large Blue Cross & Blue Shield campus.

I was hooked and I knew I could do this and that these trikes are the answer to rebuilding muscle and strength and saving the use of my legs.

Was I happy? Oh yea! Big time. The Brooks people had a contact at the VA whom soul-job was helping Veterans acquire the three-wheeled-recumbent cycles. It took three months, recording my activities, keeping track of the exercises I was doing. Where it stands now, today…I’m waiting for the VA/Prosthesis Department to evaluate and approve the diagnosis which if OK’d will free the monies for purchasing a brand-new bike, built especially for Jimmie Moore. I am so excited. Come on VA, please get it right this time.

Beside cycling, I’m rowing and trying to do yoga.

The rowing is another exercise that really builds strength, and goes hand in hand with cycling. I’ve accomplished my first 15-mile ride on a recumbent bike. I feel there is no limit, to how far cycling can take me. I’ve become the poster-child for Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation. Thanks Brooks People. Soon I will do a blog about Brooks Rehabilitation, they are the most loving people on the planet. The ten years I’ve battled Agent Orange, Brooks Rehab. is a big reason I’m doing as well as I am. For years I was helped and healed by Brooks. I did both Physical and Occupational Therapies at Brooks, for years. Brooks is about healing.

The Bad:

Until I got so sick, really sick, I didn’t want anything to do with the Veterans Administration

I had no choice. Outside the VA, Doctors don’t know what Agent Orange is or how to come up with a treatment plan. Guess what? Neither does the VA. After 50-years of denials, no real health care just the facade of doing. Do you need an ear-piece? or glasses? or surgery on your eyes? the VA is there for you? Medication? oh my god, medication out the ass. Feet a problem? no problem VA got you covered.

Once you get in the systems and you’re issued your beanies, the facade comes tumbling down and the Veterans sooner or later, understands, their is no healing to be found in the crowded halls of the VA infrastructure.

Here's the thing that make me angry,,, I keep seeing Veterans with legitimate claims, not able to get a penny. If the system doesn’t provide healing, then what is the real purpose of VA Health Care. Veterans cannot purchase the medical help they need, they suffer. Mainly they just die.

VA protocols are rigged in favor of providing nothing.

Most Veterans will not play this game. I went to the VA because I had no alternative. When I see a warrior from the Vietnam War and hear their tales of woe, I can see their suffering. It’s real. It’s a narrow-path for the walking dead. We have no friends.

I’ll say this for Vietnam Veterans, we know how to suffer.

Our spouses are our care givers, and they suffer and fight to give a normal life to their husbands and family. The government murdered us, after betraying us. The VA has lied for 50-years. The family and friends that surround a veteran are all they have, and most of the time the family, do not understand what’s going on. People just don’t get it when it comes to what the hell pain is all about.

But the pain of living in a country where the citizens except, without pause the deaths of 2,000,000 Vietnam Veterans, is far worse…it's disgusting and it's a sad commentary on American character. So don't ask why Veterans are killing themselves at a rate of 22 a-day. Can’t spite on the walking dead.

The Ugly:

Not allowing access to MedicalHemp. Planned Genocide! Murder by government. Thank you, President Trump.
UPDATE: 02-20-2020 I started this journey in August 2019. The contact email and contact phone numbers no longer work. I've been cut off. You think my mouth, my attitude way have upset the ass-holes at the Veterans Administration. and I wonder why my book "Noble Canine" hasn't seen the light of day. The House of Death strikes again. Since I'm now a HEMP user, they cut off all medication, which is the only healing the VA did for me.
Oh yeah! to be continue...
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