The Truth of the Matter? 03-19-2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Bored Shitless!

To travel fifty years into the past and move some of that history forward was a little strange at first.

My draft of "Noble Canine" the book was 505 pages of triple lined spaced sentences. I use to know the exact word count, it was a large number. Then along came editors and chop-city set-in. Half of my original book was left out of the final draft. Oh my, that hurt! But no! Not really, the final cut was short and sweat and to the point.

When you swim around in the past, well, the past is blurred.
Most of my tour, I couldn't remember what day it was. Lost all touch with Saturday and Sundays. We had to be told that its Thanksgiving, Chirstmas or New Years.

It takes many visit of unfolding events, a piece at a time. To re-build a story, there is always a beginning, a middle and a end. The easy part of remembering past events was how easy the beginning and end came. The middle unfolding was pure imagination. Imagine, Create and finally Invent!

Just by looking at the hundreds of photos from Phu Cat AB, I got good at creating dialogue, just from pictures. Memory cleared, to the point I could hear the voices speaking the lines I was writing. The hardest part, and to editor's dismay, was the language I wanted to include in the book, I felt anything less would not be authentic. The last thing I wanted to show the world, was cleaned up language, just for their consumption. Bottom line, the writer didn't have to resort to over-doing it.

Let me set the stage(words): can't do it, can't write the words.

Let me put it this way, most of us were between the ages of 18 and 20 years on the planet, and we were the wildest-funniest-sickest-filthy-slugs that ever jerked a dog off,,,(I'm sorry, that just slipped out). Oh! from the mines and mouths of dog-men, none nastier in the whole dang air force.

After a July sapper attack, things got deathly quite around the base, and we had no enemy action for the next six months.
The calm before the quite. The rain has stopped, the moon is showing its happy face, the dogs love a full-moon night. It's all the dogs can do not to go, to howlling.

Showing this boredom right along with the high tension level of anticipation as a nightly event will be a challenge to re-produce in the up-coming made for the movies, that is already in the works. I plan to use, mounting and dismounting the 2.5 ton dog and handler-carriers, going and coming to slow down time and show just how boring night to night work became. You want to talked about staying awake, night after night.

It's not such a big deal getting a few Z's on duty, we did have the best damn alarm-clocks in Vietnam.

Even Sergeant Frances wasn't that brave or crazy enough, catching handlers sleeping on post, he didn't dare to walk up on a sleeping dog, cause as soon as that dog senses unknown present, the dogs shock is enough to insure the intruders fate.

Dog Talk: You trying to sneak up on me, fool!

"Noble Canine" is available at Amazon and Fine Book Stores New Earth-wide. Best Blog in the Galaxy at: for the rest of the story, its real!



The 'Walking Dead' will not go quitely into the night!

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