Thursday, 04-11-2020

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Thursday, 04-11-2020

Most everything is closed. Schools, haven’t been open for weeks. California may not continue school for the rest of the year. Hearing the same thing here in Florida, no decision at this time.

I repeat myself but, Our most important commodity, the resturants. Most aren’t open, the few still serving are restricted to drive-thru, some are still allowed to serve walk-in customers but no dining in.

The parks are closed. All forms of entertainment are closed, be it theater, sports, bars.

Planes aren’t flying, and trucker aren’t trucking

All of my Veterans Administration appointments have been cancelled. I wasn’t going any-way!

YMCA is closed.

Brooks Adaptive Sports and Entertainment are closed. The Brooks People are trying (to their credit), to have a virtual reality class for Yoga, via Zoom. I was a no-show for this attempt at trying to get something, anything up and going.

Businesses will suffer greatly now that all work is suspended. All this is way beyond normal. Nothing is normal, no idea when normal returns or where it went to.

People are nervous about jobs. Over 7,000,000, so far, a small number of unemployed peoples have signed up to receive job-less benefits. Could this number grow to 100,000,000 citizens? At this very moment in time and space, most workers (95%) are not working.

I pretty much poo-poo coronavirus as threatening. Just because our controlled-media lies, whom do not work for the people of our country or any nation on the planet, instead the media creates the news, the way the 1%’s dictates. Death by ‘the flu’ is a elitists board-game played on the masses for the benefit of a very few, I call them the 1%’s. They like being called, elite. What they really are, is monsters. I know their modus operandi and it’s built on lies that create fear.

Twenty to thirty years of imagining, creating and if necessary, inventing the latest disease. The American People have been dumbed-down by these years of indoctrinated lies. We’ve been trained from birth to believe the medical cartel lies.

Look around at the people we associate with daily. I’m a BabyBoomer, in my Seventies, now. My generations, the sons and daughters of the victorious armies of WWII, has become the sickest generation on the planet. Start to notice the little-ones. Most are overweight. Not cute anymore?! Is it?

Controlled media does not want the people to grasp how little nutritional value actually exist in the food supply. Every-thing we consume has been affected and altered by ‘better living through chemistry’. It’s killing us. Our planet, our earth, our home has surrendered to the chemical cartel and the oil cartel. Animals, race to extinction. Sign? Watch animalKind for clues to earths future

The control media (iclub1%’s), don’t want the citizens to know about the lack of physical fit young-people, recruits/bodies for military services, grows smaller by the year. The few cannon-fodder available are fought over by the different machines of war. The branches of service are paying large bonuses for a warm body who can do the job. This national shame highlights our out of control consumerism.

So, to create and control this disease or that plague, or our current pandemic, this, is the pathway the 1%’s has created and used over and over for the purpose of enslaving all humankind on planet earth, and md’s are the piped-pipers.

Mostly, I say and suggest to you all, be still, and listen. Enjoy the calm before the storm, pay attention to your thinking. Something has to give. Keep your powder dry!

yourAuthor, Jimmie Moore, the book ‘Noble Canine’ buy at Amazon. A love Story. Truly! usaf

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