Waking up the 'Walking! Dead' 01-16-2020

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This lie, repeated over and over and over (til throw-up time) destroys the spirit to live.

I finally joined the Dragon Brigade in October of 2010. I was a reluctant “walking dead”! I had been in denial since January 1970. I was scared to death to have anything to do with the Veterans Administration.

In the 70’s and 80’s I was a professional musician living in Hollywood, CA. I spent a lot of time on Sunset and Hollywood Blvds, hanging out with a strange assortment of Vietnam Veterans.

I was around at the same time ‘a Vietnam Veteran backed a jeep through the front door of the local LA VA Hospital. Veterans existed in large numbers and made those numbers count. I took part in protest at the VA Hospital. The few men who understood the issues surrounding Agent Orange, where not happy with the average returning Veteran and our inability to understand what was right in front of us. Men where already dying from Agent Orange.

A friend who lived in Northern California at the same time told me his daughter suffered from skin rashes and the doctors couldn’t do anything with it. That was the first time, someone I served with at Phu Cat AB in 1969, expressed concern about being chemically sprayed. Still, it did not sink in.

Back in Hollywood the streets where full of homeless veterans. The VA Hospital was a huge release valve, from the stark poverty and stresses of daily living in the streets of Los Angeles, and when the VA turned the hospital into an armed-camp, Veteran Nation was betrayed. This happened in the late 1970’s.

It’s one thing to spite on a returning Vietnam Veteran, and call him a baby killer, but when our government license murder against the troops, something must give, 22 suicides or what-ever the magic number is, its way to much giving on the part of the veteran community.

Forty years later, I could no longer deny-deny, and had to face the gauntlet of Veterans Administration’s ‘deny everything’, don’t even say the word Agent Orange. Well, Agent Orange is a fact. Two Million Vietnam Veterans are dead, and still we die. (2020).

What does it mean to be one of the ‘Walking Dead’? How about rotting from the inside out. Hollywood celebrates our passage through life by making entertainment out of our dilemma. Every once in a while, if you pay attention, a uniform will appear. Talk about rubbing our noses in it.

I published my first book, “Noble Canine” on January 05, 2019, exactly fifty years after arriving at Phu Cat Air Base. I started a Blog to celebrate the 360 nights walking a Noble German Shepherd, a highly trained Sentry Dog.

At the same time, I was blogging, MedicalHemp was coming on fast and strong as dumb laws where being repealed. To read the blog, go to: moorek9.com/blog. In those post I challenged the VA and Government to make MedicalHemp and Marijuana available to veterans suffering PTSD and the nerve damaged done by Agent Orange. Again, I’ll say it, 2,000,000 dead American Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, Marines. Does this mean that AMA/Government doctors would rather Veterans continue dying, instead, of offering to the sick, relief from intense nerve pain from chemical spraying.

HEMP IS HEALING. Go to the blackboard and write, “HEMP IS HEALING, ONE MILLION TIMES. Think and let healing sink in…

VA Pill Factories are slow death.

VA medications are oil based. This is the main reason I’m scared of everything to do with doctors, hospitals and pharmakeia, all under auspices ‘we are your government, and we are here to help’. Liars.

When Agent Orange attacked me, it went for my legs. I counted 32 falls. In the first year I went from 240 pounds, down to 165 pounds. I was dying. I got relief from nerve-pain with two medications. Pregabalin (Lyrica was it evening news name) and Tramadol (a Narcotic and a killer).

When the evidence mounted, meaning the death from Tramadol where increasing, think the VA doctors would remove me, no way, instead they cut my prescription in-half. Isn't that special? Finally, after enough Veterans died, they changed my medication.

The VA death-toll just keeps stacking up. I had no choice, I had to get away from VA-OIL Base medication, it was killing me. That simple.

I didn’t know anything about MedicalHemp. Couldn’t understand why it was outlaw. But I made a totally conscience decision, to find out why governments, medicine, pharmakeia, corporations, military, the list is long, would rather the citizen soldiers to suffer and die, when a simple Herb offered so much healing for a lot of problems.

I stopped smoking marijuana in 1986.

With the help of a Therapist, I started my search for health. Every organ in my body was chocking to death on VA oil-based medication. With herbal-based supplements and cleanses for every organ, I slowly, over an 18-month period, of a systematic program, I started to free my body, its organs, my blood, my skin of VA toxic, oil-base drugs. The nerve damage done to my legs still persist today. I’ve managed to replace VA Toxic-killer drugs with earth grown herbs.

Hemp is the most important healing agent available on the planet. Could have saved untold amounts of pain and suffering of Vietnam Veterans, their Wives and children’s-children and The Beat goes on.

When I confessed to my VA primary-care doctor that I was smoking marijuana again and for the first time in 33 years, her eyes smiled at me as she tells me its illegal and the Veterans Administration will never approve Hemp or Marijuana for its patient. Stupid is as stupid does. Never say never.

But I wanted to be on the right side of this issue, so I signed up for the Florida State Medical Cannabis Identification Card. Get this; The state created the “Compassionate Use Registry”. Isn’t that a hoot and a lie? There is nothing compassionate about the new state system to distribute MedicalHemp, its about allowing the few (mostly doctors) to get in early and, control, control, control baby. Boy! Do doctors and government love there two favorite words; DENIAL and CONTROL.

What Monsanto (all chemical cartel(s)) and their poison product “ROUNDUP” line is doing to this planet is merely the tip of a very big iceberg. If you think that NO SINGLE INDUSTRY CAN DESTROY THIS PLANET, THINK AGAIN. It’s happening every minute of every day.

Climate change is one the symptoms of a much bigger problem being covered up by media.

The 1%’s are so good at creating the lie, that the big lie is so good!, that children are scared out of their minds. Mind control is pure art. The artist who do the will of the 1%’s are master craftsmen and highly sought-out and paid well to betray HumanKing and AnimalKind, while killing our home planet.

I took up smoking marijuana in 2018.

The thirty plus years of not smoking did not prepare me for the intense highs I would experience. The pot was totally off the charts and I seldom experience this kind of high in the past. For the first time in a long time I experience PEACE.

I was calmer. I could relax, now. I learned to be silent, the quiet became a sanctuary and my health thrived.

I finally, give my precious wife, a break and needed peace, and rest from the chaos that had become our daily lives. What our Women, our Veteran wives have gone through, trying to keep families together, trying to find real help for the no-name disease called Agent Orange, is an atrocity. Our care-giving wives should be compensated by the VA. Not the few hundred dollars now being offered.

My desire is to see each Vietnam Veteran paid $1,000,000.

Each Wife and family are to share in that $1,000,000. Yes, I’m calling for REPARATIONS to be paid NOW. For Vietnam Veterans and for our spouses. All 2,000,000 dead Vietnam Veterans are to be compensated, which means, that our wives and the children and the grandchildren are to be compensated. We must protect our progenity, if not me and you, then who??

Do you think for a minute that government and Veterans Administration give a bloody-damn about affected generations of our Children and their children as new cases of Agent Orange are now showing up, and in the coming years? What? If not US, then who??

I call on Womenkind, our wives, to organize and fight for justice.

Fight for full REPARATIONS OF $1,000,000 for each Vietnam Veterans families. Who will stand for the children? Who will stand for the grand children? Most Vietnam Veterans are dying off, while we still have strength, we fight for justice.

Remember? while living in Hollywood, CA., I confessed to being in total denial to all things concerning Agent Orange and it effect on the human body. I’m guilty of burying my head so deep in the sand that I ignored, not facts, because government and VA never offered facts, but more and more men we're dying and whole families suffering from chemical poisoning all around me. I just didn’t see it, I was ignorant. Every last Veteran from that war was intentionally kept in the dark. Lied too, cheated out of JUSTICE, cheated out of COMPENSATION.

We stand together or be silent? and Believe me Vietnam Veterans are good at towing the line and shutting up. It will end. Just face the LIES!??FACE all the many LIES?!!

When I finally entered the maze of VA services, I was excited to finally get relief from the constant pain I was in. I’d meet a new face, a doctor, a nurse, technician, and I would open with ‘this is caused by Agent Orange’ and they, to a person, would never acknowledge my claim. It was always something else, causing something else, but not chemical spraying by government on its troops.

This lie, repeated over and over and over (til throw-up time) destroyies the spirit to live.

(22 a-day)

Don’t wonder why Veterans commit suicide. Death is easier than living a lie. Betrayal by government, by AMA, and by military services, and the steady stream of bullshit from the Veterans Administration, this is not what broke the hearts of Vietnam Veterans.

It was the citizens who turned their backs to our problems. It was the American citizens who turned their backs and abandon us to our dying. As a veteran, you feel like the people would rather we just go away.



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