What's Really on MY mind??! 10-22-2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I'll tell you what I remember from 50 YEARS AGO!??

In October, in Vietnam, 1969,,, football vs the World Series, college ball vs. professional, we all got use to watching most games, delayed. Just to see the few delayed but live events, were magic. 'Hee Haw' was special, made us laugh. Laughter in the killing fields was way to serious and mean, Hee Haw offered a lighter side of life. Hee Haw silliness was home away from home. OK, OK. I know! Not everybody loved Hee Haw!

Working Sentry Dogs ten hours a night, 360 nights, left no time for a night-life, so I didn't get to see Bob Hope come to town. But what I will say about that show; is 'where others feared to tread, Noble Canine walked along.' and that's the reason the show was a total success, not even a drop of rain. (K9 not responsible for rain).

What was on my mind, way back in !969...I'm a 'short-timer', with just seventy-one days (71) and a wake-up.
Phu Cat Air Base was been quieter then church-mice. Scattered dog alerts had dropped to almost nothing.
So security forces begin to relax. Hadn't killed a 'gook' since July. The one 'gook' killed, was a base employee who had cut a lot of the same hair that took him out (dead).
'and a wake up' literally means, being alive on the day you leave Vietnam.

While in Saigon at the U S Air Base at Tan Son Nhut, I encountered rows of flag-draped caskets being loaded on military and commercial jets. Taken home, last flight, for those who didn't make it out alive on there last day in country. Seventy-one days and a wake-up. I be going home, home to the world. Fuck Vietnam. sorry

I would celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in good-ole Phu Cat. Then on my last night at Phu Cat Air Base, we got hit twice in the same morning darkness by rockets. A first time event for the Cat.

Probably the only time security forces where grateful to be on duty, on a perimeter post, pulling guard duty, as when the rockets fly over our heads and land anywhere, helter skelter, usually down-town Phu Cat.

Hitting and knocking out planes was the big target. Fuel storage and bomb storage dumps were a close second. A large body count on base attacks was unheard of, but could be devastating, hitting a barracks, or hospital.

If you were on Tiger Flight or handled a Sentry Dog, being on duty was the safest place to be when rockets or mortars where flying .

I still had seventy-one days to serve in Vietnam. Not one time did I ever long-for any action at the Cat. Nice and quite was just alright.


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