What we lose when Animals go extinct!


I’m going to start with a story that many will find strange, and the imagines are true. Earth is known throughout the whole universe as the most diverse planet in existence. Bar none! What it means is our planet, this beautiful green and blue ball is number one travel destination in all the universes. There are seven alien spices who have influenced our DNA over millions, many millions of lifetimes. From the cave to the iPhone, humans have had their mentors. Most protect the people and planet from the few who don’t like the human form. They have always been amongst us. The exact number of earth spices in all forms of animalKind and plantKind are unknown. But this diversity attracts people from all the sciences from across the universe. These wayfaring strangers have been coming here for a long time. They come to learn if there is a way to recreate this diverse planet. This is done by introducing terminating to a dead planet, restoring it back to some form of sustainable life. They’re desire to duplicate earths diverse habitats of and to restoring other planets to that diversity, has had limited success. People have been coming to earth, since-forever, just to catalog every life-form on the planet. But the few newfound spices can’t compare with the overwhelming numbers of old earth spices going extinct. With each disappearance, mother earth slowly withers and is out of balance and wobbles on its axis causing extreme weather condition, volcano’s eruptions, forest fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, earth quacks, worldwide. We who inhabit earth and live with the millions upon millions of spices do not see this worldwide diversity as anything special. Just another day in the neighbor and we ignore and take for granted all the wild things around us. A typical human is busy with life and not concerned with animalKind disappearing off the face of the planet. Let Mother Nature deal with that. And literally millions of earthlings, researchers and scientists and everyday people have studied and compiled large amounts of data on the varied creatures who live here. Everyday via the internet you will see hundreds of odd-looking animals of this species or that one. They disappear from right under our noses. What do you know about the Tasmanian wolf/tiger, Black Rhino[JM1] Cross River Gorilla, a fact according to the United Nations, humans are responsibly for a million earth species becoming extinct. The rain forests of the planet are being destroyed so the land becomes available for development. Again, greed rears its ugly head. Drill a well, build housing or for farming, doesn’t matter. What does matter is all kinds of animals and birds, to the smallest and largest lizards are now homeless. Every acre of rain forest has many thousands of living organisms who cannot compete with bulldozers and fire. These species of animalKind simply cannot pack it up and move to a new forest, so they die, many disappearing forever. In land rich Africa, the continent where nearly half of the available land is desert, farmers seek new lands to cultivate and grow food for their starving neighbors. Large herds are forced to change migration routes and adapt to human needs and most cannot adapt. Big cats eat cattle and people, so the farmer put up fences to protect crops and domestic animals. Rampaging Elephants can destroy crops overnight. Hungry Loins and Tigers threaten whole communities and humans do what they have always done, hunt down and destroy the killers. So it’s a contest between humankind and animalKind. Humans always win and animalKind is left with less and less range land to inhibit and call home, to find food for there young and live-in peace. Human needs rank higher than animal needs, always. Add greed to the list, not just surviving as the poor dirt farmer is forced to do, but the mining and drilling for earths natural resources is controlled by powerful corporations who care nothing for the people who occupy these lands and less for other living things who occupy the same land.

I’m no expert on animal husbandry, but I care for all living things and their right to life and that human development needs to get out of the way. Under international law, land for the species act will set aside large tracks of land for animals and other living things. Lock down these millions of acres and control the land so that humans are band from developing, occupying, and farming these wild places. Humans will be removed from this equation. Second step, to save meat eaters of the planet, who hunt for food, hunting must be removed from daily regiment. Yes, that means humans will take over the huge job of feeding any living thing that must hunt and kill another living thing to survive. This is micro-managing. This goes against natures intentions. Our world is troubled by the greed of humans, all living things on planet earth are threatened and all living thing face extinction, including humans. The whole planet is in state of disaster preparedness. It will require large numbers of people being dedicated to new sciences and industry of rescuing animalKind from extinction. As long as humans can imagine, create and invent a brave new world, all species of life will be at risk. Including humans. Sadly, this will work for a few thousand species, not all. Protected environments are key to the survival of large and diverse populations of animalKind. Are we, as the only reasoning species on planet, will we do more they give lip service to this change or, turn our backs and get back to business as usual? Business as usual isn’t going to work. Our planet is stressed to the breaking point. Animals eating from of our garbage cans are sending the world a clear message, help us or we die. The window is open and available to get a handle on saving our planet. The 1%’$ must get in line and support this effort to save as many species from extinction as possible. We humans were given dominion over earth and animalKind as protectors, by the creator. We must protect the living!

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