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Brothers and sisters, most fear starts with a spark of imagination that grows and mutates, then creates its own obstacle, and they grow and mutate. Presto, into our existence comes, doubt. More questions, and more questions, for example; if I suggested that the whole state of America is one of unemployment, how would you respond? Some would say, why heck no, !’m to busy enjoying ‘legitimatedaysofffrom thej.o.b..com’. Already started on an early tan. And don’t forget what the good-nurse said, “Sunlight, lets talk about! viruses can’t survive long in direct! constant light-energy from the Sun!

So, get a comfortable chair, a cool beverage and for the next hour, fuck the j.o.b. Yes! Yes! Scotty, beam me up, Scotty, get me out of here.

When every-event is focused on shutting the country down, ‘sorry, out of business’,,, somewhere, deep! a klaxon doesn’t stop its noise. All of a sudden, all of our daily cycles, like spinning tops, stop. The obstacles…fear? fear…Has come home to the mind. Why, one reason! house arrest in America is not constitutional, it’s unAmerican, and not very nice. But, as you find ways to enjoy family life at a slower pass, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, do it. But know that ‘groupThink’ is in over-drive, while the individual is forced to stay behind closed doors.

From the song, “Hotel California”, ‘this could be heaven or this be hell’, regardless of path, you can, and you will create one or the other. Somethings else I figured out, it’s ok to not have a TV on. Less computers saves lives, less of most things, is preferable. On and on it goes, The GAME, the games being played to keep the playing-field not level. “GOMEDIAGO””DOSOMETHING””GOMEDIAGO”

Peacefully, where you have a new world, created with a different set of rules of conduct. Getting the oil and chemical cartels to stop killing the planet. (earths most pressing issue of life or death). But do it Peacefully. We are all ‘freedom-riders’ on the back of this green and blue ball, we call the ball; home, earth/new earth, mother/mother-earth, the planet, but never, ever, the new world order as envisioned by the ’flaky-few’!

Join me daily, laughing at the ‘flaky/few’?!

If the ‘few’ are gamming the citizens, and if it should turn out that ‘coronaVirus’ was created on the back of just another, but over-stimulated flu-bug, then, these events being staged in America and the rest of the world are for one purpose only, training, like rats to a performance. Fear the shock! What’s next?? But this time? or the next time? or the next? what follows? Next time when it really counts the well-trained-enslaved citizen-rat will perform marvelously and pay the piper. And the ‘ama’ will have stolen our ‘rights’, Our FREEDOMS, OUR HOMES. And/ ENSLAVEDus.com. The only way for the ‘oldOrder’ to survive, is by removing the velvet-glove that hides an iron fist. All this grief so a few-old-fat-white-things can own my underwear. So yes indeed, Daily at, 12:00 noon. Straight up high-noon, Mon – Thurs, and know, that through tears of a trillion-million eyes, more than the stars in the sky, with uncontrollable laughter, we give our lives, unto a lake of change. Daily laughter makes the flak of difference

Remenber! hire a baby-Boomer and restart a life.

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Help is needed if these are to see light!

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