Why Vietnam Veterans are to be Compensated! 04-02-2019

1969 Phu Cat Re-Visited
Pain and suffering, mental anguish, poisoned and betrayed, no VA recognition of the disease, no healing options, healing Hemp oil and Marijuana, denied Veterans. I'll add more reasons for compensating Vietnam Veterans as I think of them. I'm sure my readers have several good reason and will share there thoughts. Off the top of my head, the most important reason for compensation is so very simple, it's wrong to create chemicals powerful enough to rot the insides of a man. Its is wrong!
Not only is it wrong, but in the International Court of Law, there is a case for murder, commented by federal government, military industrial complex, Veterans Administration hospital system and VA Doctors.
We Veterans have been in denial for the past fifty years. Media, does what it always does; lie and ignore! The vacuum of silent has left our citizens ignorant of this deadly fact. The most important fact is this: 2 million Vietnam Veterans have died, horribly, from exposure to Agent Orange. 2 million have died and for the most part, died trying to be compensated and denied by VA Doctors. This is wrong.
I remember asking my primary VA Doctor to write a prescription for MedicalHemp. She laughed at me, said Hemp Oil was dangerous, and marijuana use was against federal law, no way would she even considerate it. Mean-while, Vietnam Veterans are dying. Been dying for years. But the sad thing, the nation never hears about the pain and suffering that goes on behind closed doors. We nam-vets are alone. Only family share this experience, our issues, our slow painful dying. The government, the VA, the Doctors, are counting the days until the last Vietnam Veteran is dead. This is wrong!
2 million dead Vietnam Veterans is a crime, and no one is paying attention.
We had no idea about Agent Orange. In 2019 the VA is finally admitting there really is a problem?! Gee! Isn't that special?!

Two million Vietnam Veterans dead is a holocaust. Somebody else needs to be punished. Veterans have suffered, our families have suffered. Now I see the VA is taking an interest in the data surrounding, our 3rd generation, our grand children. They want to understand the effects of Agent Orange three generations since the war. This is medial genocide! Enough! This is wrong.

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