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Yellow eyes, The beginning: 12121


I have never felt so trapped in my 73 years of living to learn, that I was a cancer victim. The hard sell to get me into treatment did not hit me until after my four days at St Vincent. I got home and took a hard look at my body; the biggest difference was a visible ‘port’ on the right side of my chest. I had band aids covering chunks of skin, missing and very bleedie. My skin is thin, and the band aids used where very harsh to my skin, resulting in open wounds. It was pure torture to remove these band aids after wearing them for four days.

By the time I left the hospital, the doctors had convinced me of the high probability of cancer. I had to wait 3 hospital nights before finally doing the procedure of sending ‘eyes down my throat’. Yep! Found a blockage of the liver, the tiny tube that takes bile to the small intestines from the liver, where it will be flushed from the body. By now I am scared enough that when the Oncologist ask me if I wanted treatment, right off, I said yes. Next thing I know their putting a ‘port’ in me. It looks like a marble, just under the skin.

The port feeds chemo directly into the artery. The arteries are bigger and can managed the stress of enduring chemical mayhem on the body. What they did not tell me is the toxic chemicals cocktails called chemo hardens the larger arteries just like the smaller vines of the arms. I was informed there have been advancements over the years and it’s is not the same chemo. I am being per-prepped for chemotherapy. Not a word about options, alternatives, just chemo.

This goes against the core of my way of thinking, there must be another way. A body friendly way without all the pain. And yes, Virginia, there is a pathways to genuine healing. Diet can change the body chemistry for optimal healing. Changing your diet should be at the top of your survival list.

There are two technologies I have known about for forty years. Both are controversial and both branded as fake quackery. I am willing to bet my life on them. As options in the alternative field of medical healing, these two options are superior to chemicals being poured into my defenseless body through a ‘port’. Slow death with all the pain or a quick death if I am wrong? So, I have taken control of the treatment plan. The VA and the medical cartel are off the hook.

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